How to use apple cider vinegar for the treatment of varicose veins

Varicose veins is a consequence of the various diseases of the blood vessels. This reduces the sound of the walls increasing the probability of developing congestive processes. Apple cider vinegar to the varicose veins is used to facilitate the patient's condition. This tool contains a number of nutrients, which reduces the intensity of pain, swelling, feelings of heaviness in the limbs. Used externally and internally, but only as supplementary measures.

Not apple cider vinegar varicose veins

Apple cider vinegar

Effective for composition: contains vitamins, minerals, organic compounds and amino acids. If you use this vinegar the body normalizes a number of processes that trigger the development of complications, the diseases of the cardiovascular system. Celebrate a positive change when you apply this tool on the affected areas. If you're interested, apple cider vinegar, its benefits, which doesn't hurt varicose veins, you need to examine in detail the composition.

Useful properties of the product

This is one of the most effective tool of traditional medicine. Its properties:

  • mucous membranes;
  • antispasmodic;
  • painkillers;
  • etc.

Furthermore, it normalizes the skin's appearance by avoiding cyan diagnosed, the veins will be less pronounced. Reduce capillary fragility. However, normalizes the tone of blood vessels. As a result, the swelling is reduced, by reducing the intensity of the stagnation. This eliminates the feeling of heaviness in the legs. Simultaneously with the described symptoms of fatigue disappear. Apple cider vinegar to the varicose veins has a therapeutic effect due to the acids: malic acid, oxalic acid, acetic acid, lactic acid.

This tool contains vitamins a, C, E, b group (B1, B2, B6). Part medications between many of the trace elements: manganese, copper, selenium, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, calcium, etc.


Despite the large number of positive properties, the acid can be applied to not only the patients. If you plan to perform the treatment of varicose veins the apple cider vinegar, contraindications to study in the first place. Do not use the tool outside of such diseases:

  • atherosclerotic changes in the vessels of the final stage;
  • thrombophlebitis.

If you plan to use vinegar in this case, too, there are contraindications:

  • increased acid in the stomach;
  • erosion processes (gastritis);
  • the heavy defeat of the liver or the kidneys of an inflammatory nature;
  • dysfunction of the pancreas;
  • ulcer formation in the digestive tract.

How to cook

More nutrients included in the natural product. For this reason, treatment of varicose veins is not recommended to use the store-bought vinegar. The effect of the treatment in this case will be weak. Recipe vinegar to treat varicose veins on your legs at home:

  • pass the apples through a meat grinder, or finely chopped;
  • raw material is poured with hot water (up to +70°C), this covers a lot of 3-4 cm;
  • 1 kg of apples is sufficient to 70 grams of sugar;
  • the tool can be administered for 14 days, we recommend that you select a warm, dark place your home, sometimes mixed;
  • After 2 weeks the tool is needed to drain, the resulting material is left to ferment for 1 month.

How to treat

That vinegar you need medical advice. For best results, you should at once apply the medicine externally and internally, but possible, provided that there are no contraindications. Treatment of varicose veins the apple cider vinegar need to be conducted if there are no wounds or other damage. The irritated skin also means that you don't have to apply, since it's a strong burning feeling.


Treat varicose veins can be undiluted vinegar. To do this, prepare a cotton ball or swab. Recommended to disposable materials, to avoid secondary infection. Tampon dipped in vinegar, and then start the treatment on the affected areas where the symptoms of varicose veins. Movement smooth. The rate of method application: 2-6 times a day. The duration of treatment is 1 month.

Also used for grinding ointment. Use apple cider vinegar for varicose veins is appropriate together with egg yolks (not subjected to heat treatment), turpentine (1 tsp). The recommended amount of vinegar — 1 tablespoon ingredients are mix until a homogeneous mass. Ready ointment applied on the affected areas of the fabric, gently rubbing.


treatment of varicose veins

Duration — 30 minutes. The method wraps should be used morning and evening. The lower limb is covered with material, the device, over the entire surface. Your legs elevated (if you don't know a pillow). It is necessary to lift the lower limb, after that, served soaked in vinegar cheesecloth (folded in several layers). So I didn't work, instead of gauze use a thick cloth. In this case, the drug will be slower to dry. Upper material, casing of polyethylene.


1 prepare a bucket of cold water. This can also add to 1 litre of vinegar. In a container immersed in the leg. Duration — no more than 3 minutes. Wipe the skin should be avoided. Use vinegar varicose veins immediately after the procedure, wear cotton clothing, on top of the wool. Wait until the substance dries the skin, you don't have to. After that you need to raise the lower limb to stay in this position until the sensation of heat.

The rinse

If prolonged procedures cause discomfort, use this method. To vinegar to the varicose veins on your legs, mixing with cold water. Components taken in quantities of 1:4. For example, it is sufficient to prepare 250 ml, 1 l water. You need to rinse this substance lower extremities 2 times daily. Vinegar is used against varicose veins for 2 months or longer.


Prepare the cabbage leaves. It is recommended to pre-chill. This is the purpose, the leaves in the refrigerator up to 1 day before the procedure. A compress of apple cider vinegar varicose veins do before bedtime and left overnight. This process of the affected limb undiluted. Top close to the data plots of cabbage leaves, cheesecloth (2 layers). The duration of treatment up to 4 weeks. Every time when you need to use fresh cabbage leaves.

How to drink the varicose veins

If there are no contraindications, the use of vinegar helps to amplify the effect of the treatment with topical products. Drink the solution based on. Need to add 1 tsp. the substance is a glass of water. You need to take the medicine, 2 times a day: before meals, and for a time, before you sleep. You don't have to abuse this tool. The course of treatment should not be more than 3 weeks. According to the testimony, only after approval of a doctor to continue to hold the break.