Varicose veins: symptoms, treatment

The varicose veins in the legs

Varicose veins in the legs is a symptoms, treatment, relate to each other. This is a uncle sanyi widespread disease of the vessels, accompanied by a weakening of a valve apar's will. Varicose heard everyone, but most people have an idea of how to look at the dilated veins on the legs. But you need to know that an early sign of a disease rules of the prevention of disease.

Why is

Varicose disease of the lower extremities develops in a versatile factors under the influence. A main cause of the pathology:

  • Genetic predisposition. A congenital absence of the connective tissue affecting valves. Not able to perform a function is to a prevent retrograde blood flow. The result is stagnation of the blood vessels are dilated and deformed, increasing the likelihood of blood clots.
  • Features of the Constitution. The excess weight causes increased strain on the blood vessels. Vessels become weaker, lose their tone and elasticity. The probability of disease in people with excessive body weight increases more than 33%.
  • Lifestyle, as well as the bought nature's work. Varicose veins appear longer stay in an upright position, the excessive physical activity. Women frequently use high heels. Causes of varicose veins include the use of tight underwear, including pantyhose, which leads to the compression of the large veins in the groin area disorders of normal blood circulation in the lower limbs, lack of physical activity, sedentary work in the same situation.
  • The hormonal imbalance. Changes in the amount of estrogen, as well as supply the blood can lead to a decrease in the vascular to hang out. Provoke pathology can be long-term, a hormonal oral contraceptive use during the menopause drugs, etc.
  • Pregnancy. The growing fetus leads to constriction of blood vessels, development of blood stagnation in the pelvic organs, limbs.

Determining, because varicose veins on your legs, its elimination will help to avoid the progression of the disease or of developing complications.


Varicose disease of the lower limbs can be found in mind, the women, the mind of the men. Characterized by progressive course, in which the following degrees type of varicose veins in the legs:

  • The compensation stage. During this period, the patient no complaints, the fajbiológia deterioration. A mode symptoms — one or both feet, the legs visible in the dilated blood vessels.
  • The stage subcompensation. There are complaints of leg pain, abdominal fullness, cramps. The legs are swollen, especially towards the end a little bit.
  • Stage of a decompensation. The patient's condition worsen, develop complications — dermatitis, eczema, hyperpigmentation trophic ulcer.

Varicose veins classification of women includes the following varieties:

  • A local lesion. A pathological process segmental arch vein. Reflux (back flow-back of blood) is missing.
  • Segmental arch lesions. There is abnormal flow of the blood, which participate in a surface or in a communicative vein.
  • Common lesion of the superficial veins with reflux. Varicose veins in men manifests itself, a defeat, a surface blood vessels. Most often on both feet at the same time.
  • The participation of a pathological process, a deep veins.

A type of varicose veins of the lower limbs, according to a play classification women:

  • Class 0. In the absence of complaints, as well as the visible manifestations of the disease.
  • 1. class. Appears in a venous network, spider veins. The first is fajbiológia complaints deterioration.
  • 2. class. Under the skin visible dilated blood vessels.
  • 3. class. As a result, the stagnation of the blood swelling of the ankles and shins.
  • Class 4. With regard to circulation problems, symptoms of a lipodermatosclerosis.
  • Class 5. There is a lesion of the skin, the skin is easily damaged, poorly healed.
  • Class 6. Formed wounds.


Spider veins on the legs

The first signs of varicose veins on your legs a women — a appearance of telangiectasia or spider veins. First noticed, it is extremely difficult, because it is rare or localized most often to the back surface of a tibia or below the knee. After a long stay up high or in a corner of the shoes occurs, and a difficulty to mild swelling. Varicose veins in men characterized by rapid fatigue in the legs.

Gradually the patient's condition gets worse, and the symptoms a varicose veins, visible to the naked eye here. The veins bigger will be winding and bumpy, there are thread. Reduced the skin's sensitivity. The night does not exclude that before the event. Swelling is more pronounced.

Varicose veins leads to disturbance of blood circulation, tissues with insufficient oxygen nutrients. There eating disorders, skin smooth, shiny, pale. Signs of varicose veins words feet swelling after a long vacation. Itching, dermatitis.

Severe varicose veins symptoms include the formation of non-healing trophic ulcers of the ankle. It threatens to make a connection a secondary micro-flora and a development of infectious-inflammatory process. Legs varicose is often complicated by the development of thrombophlebitis — inflammation of the artery walls. Possible local increase in the temperature of the machine and low-grade fever.


Varicose veins are defined on the basis of medical history, visual examination of the patient. To clarify the stage of the disease, prevalence of pathological process of the blood flow characteristics, presence of collateral, reflux, status of a valve device requires additional examination of the patient.

Ultrasound of the veins of the lower limbs

The varicose veins of the lower limbs you need to do:

  • Duplex scanning or ultrasonic angioscanning. A capability Specifies that an image of blood vessels the entire length, to determine the presence of extension and back, a blood flow, a condition to the valves.
  • Ultrasound lower extremity veins using contrast material. If you have any varicose veins, venography necessary to establish obstruction of superficial or deep veins of the leg. Before the test, a surgical intervention is necessary to determine the method, if a surgery.
  • CT, MRI, or contrast. It allows to obtain a series of pictures, through which is mounted a vascular permeability, the extent to which the extension condition of the device valve, a presence of collateral, etc.

Varicose veins on your legs, you need to conduct a laboratory tests assessment of the rheological properties of blood and other indicators. You need to:

  • General analysis of the blood. A presence of inflammation, increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate, elevated white blood cell count.
  • Koagulogrammou test lupus angiboust, etc. Allow the trend to an increased thrombosis formation, blood coagulation status of anti-coercive in the blood system.

How to treat

Treat varicose veins, men are the legs difficult. A therapeutic system developed, taking into account the stage of the disease, the prevalence of pathological process, a presence, a complications, as well as other factors.

Conservative methods of treatment of a varicose veins without surgery performed in a mode stage of the disease. With their help it is possible to stop the progression of the disease, strengthens the walls of the blood vessels, a tone increases, and elasticity of blood vessels, normalizes blood circulation and prevents the development of stagnant phenomena.

Important role in the treatment of this disease plays with the use of compression stockings. Special stockings provide variable pressure to the leg side, does not allow the stagnation of the blood, supports the muscles, prevents the development of edema. Wear rest after a night, out of bed. Knitwear chosen individually, because each product has a different degree of compression.

What kind of treatment doctor, varicose veins

A doctor, when a varicose veins in the legs have to as soon as possible. To do this I need to know what kind of treatment a doctor, a varicose veins. So, first you have to go to or a district medical doctor. An examination, the specialist gives direction to consult a to the doctor who treats the varicose veins, it is called flebologia. There is a specialist dealing with diseases of the veins.

If you have a special doctor for a varicose veins in the outpatient clinic in a hospital or missing a treatment, type of vascular pathology a or surgeon angiologist.

If necessary, surgical treatment, varicose veins, consult a doctor-phlebologist or vascular surgeon. The district hospital problems such a a general surgeon.

How to cure drug

You can cure varicose veins without surgery, only one mode stages of the disease. This requires that you use the following group of drugs:

  • Phlebotonics. Affect the condition of the artery walls. Increases the density, reduces to a fragile and the capillaries permeability, increases the skin tone, the flexibility, has angioprotective properties. Restore the normal flow of blood through the blood vessels, stimulates the lymph flow.
  • Anticoagulants, as well as the called antiplatelet agents. Normalizes the rheological properties of the blood. A thin, prevents the formation of blood clots. Used to prevent the complications.
  • Antioxidants. Accelerating a elimination of toxins and other harmful ingredients to the human test. Beneficial to the state of the hematopoietic system. This means that on the basis of an extract of Ginkgo, multivitamin complex.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs. To relieve pain, inflammation, headache, bloating, swelling, and other unpleasant symptoms of the disease. Have to be careful They are not longer than 10-14 days. It is due to This that the fact that the adverse effects of drugs on the condition that the digestive tract, can cause exacerbation, peptic ulcers. The VRV you can use them in the form of solution intramuscular injection, tablet for oral use and rectal suppositories.

Treat varicose veins long, within a few months. Compulsory purchase is a phlebotonics summer, because this time, the human tests, including the blood vessels, may experience increased stress.

Effective the treatment of varicose veins include ointments, gels, as well as a local application. You need to rub a region of a pathologically dilated veins several times a day. Drugs stimulate the micro-circulation, activate tissue repair at the cellular level.

How to get rid of a disease by using folk remedies

Varicose veins treatment includes the folk medicine. These can be used as a medical complement to the traditional therapy. Help get rid of the varicose veins in the short term to stop the progression of the disease and improve the health of the patient.

Treat varicose veins on the legs, the women then use the following folk remedies:

Tincture of horse chestnut
  • Box paradise. Can be used in the paradise they degree of maturity. Each fruit cut into rings need to be an advanced vessels, as well as the nodes, the fix. After a while, this is the place to be indicated, a slight burning sensation after which it a need to compress to remove, and feet, then rinse. Deal with varicose veins with this method, you need at least 2-3 weeks.
  • Lemon rubbing. Citrus fruit has a pronounced tonic effect on one. The procedure, cut a slice of lemon, then RUB a epidermis.
  • Tincture of horse chestnut. To prepare the drug the fruit can't break a glass container. Half fill the vodka or diluted alcohol. Tara is a sense, in a cool place, periodically shake. Resistance to at least 1 art. You need to take a medication, 5-10 3-4 drops of times a day. Treat varicose veins on the legs, the men in chestnut, the 2-4 art.
  • Apple cider vinegar 6%. Sound remedy blood vessels and strengthens walls, helps to eliminate the edema. Used to rub into the skin, the procedure need to do for the varicose veins regularly for several weeks.
  • A poultice of the Kalanchoe. Helps to remove small varicose veins of the men. Prepare the medication you need to a few leaves of a plant, chop, and pour diluted alcohol. Means, to insist 7-10 days. Used to apply compression to the many cotton pieces of fabric, a place, a territory, the patient's blood vessels, upper cover with a plastic bag, wrap it up and confirm it. Treated varicose veins for a long time, in a few weeks. Procedure it is desirable, that night, that the law is medicine, as long as possible.

Before using folk methods of treatment of varicose veins, it is necessary to them to the doctor coordinate. Some methods can bring more harm than good.

The surgery

You can cure varicose veins permanently the only way is a surgery. However, any operation is accompanied by some risks, its use is desirable so that, only when expressed changes in the blood vessels. Using the surgical treatment will be able to completely remove the varicose veins.

Varicose veins treatment is selected based on the characteristics of a disease. Main methods:

  • Laser removing. A ray are locked in problematic veins of small diameter. Stop They blood flow, with the passage of time, a lumen fused. The peculiarity of the method lies in the fact that the accuracy of the effect, the surrounding tissue is not damaged. Inspection ultrasonic sensor. The procedure is less traumatic, requires no special training, done on an outpatient basis.
  • Sclerotherapy. To remove a varicose veins a lumen of a vessel introduced a special substance sclerosant. The drug causes the fusion vein, a later absorption. The procedure without anesthesia, its duration does not exceed a 30 to 40 minutes. After the manipulation, the patient must wear special compression underwear. Sclerotherapy is effective against spider veins, and spider veins, telangiectasia, dilated, and knotted veins, severe course of disease is.
  • Mini phlebectomy. The skin with a small hole, through which the clean the vessels concerned. The procedure is performed with local or general anesthesia. Mini phlebectomy fighting winding a or defective veins.

What's dangerous

Diseases of the vessels belongs to a systemic disease. A defeat, a veins of the lower limbs it's easy to see, however, a process is often spread to other ships. Dangerous varicose veins on your legs, the women, especially those in which the pelvic organs. It threatens the development of the complications of pregnancy. During this period, And many drugs is strictly prohibited.

Dangerous varicose veins on the legs of the men, as the process is spread to the genitals, so do not lead to dilatation, especially of the spermatic cord. This can lead to the event in the words of infertility.

Other complications VRV, to increase the likelihood that a blood clots and blockage of blood vessels. It is possible that a development of phlebitis. Dangerous disease with the formation of trophic ulcers. It's an open gate for infections, badly healing wounds violation of blood supply to the tissues.


Physical activity - prevention of varicose veins

Who don't to a varicose disease of the lower extremities, you need to stay in a healthy at a young age. Prevention more effective than treatment of the foot and the development of complications.

A good blood circulation, it is necessary that sufficient physical activity. If a person work for a long time in the same situation, regularly do some stretching. We need a responsible approach to the selection of shoes — a little heel (not more than 6 cm), comfortable compression to the leg.

You need to look at a weight. Excessive weight is one of the factors predisposing to the development of disease. In addition, resulting in increased strain on the blood vessels. A clothes must have a natural materials. Avoid tight underwear too, to avoid compression of the large vessels in the groin area.

During hygiene procedures, it is desirable to use the shower, which can change the pressure, the temperature of the water. Using these can be a tricks toning blood vessels, increase the blood flow.

Preferably, a daily workout or exercise. Some do Not have to run miles at a time, it was very nice to enjoy a pool, or a commuter Bike.

Before the use of hormonal contraceptives should consult use not only a gynecologist, but phlebologist, hand over analyses of hormones. If you change the level of female hormones in the blood that may adversely affect the condition of the blood vessels.