Varicose leg varicose veins: causes and treatment of varicose leg varicose veins

Varicose of the lower extremities requires immediate action at the onset of the pathological development. In order to successfully treat varicose veins with folk remedies, traditional healers recommend using infusions, decoctions, and topical applications. Medicine disagrees with home remedies, arguing that early forms of foot disease can be better protected with diet and formal drugs, and effective home recipes. has not been clinically tested.

Herbal infusion


Alternative medicine proposes to remove problem veins with all available home recipes and official remedies. A neglected lower limb disease can be fatal. At the end of the course, the effectiveness of folk methods is influenced by the severity and complexity of the disease course.

Most patients do not notice the appearance of red spider veins. The first phase requires the use of locally homemade recipes - foot baths, ointments and compresses. The complex process of varicose leg veins, from the point of view of medicine, requires surgical intervention. In this case, the folk formulas can reduce swelling of the tissues in the legs, suppress inflammatory reactions and improve the general condition of the dermis.

Any homemade recipe cannot completely replace medicine, but they can enhance their usefulness. An effective result means getting:

  • restores the valve device's unstable function;
  • improves the density and elasticity of the veins of the lower extremities;
  • Prevents the formation of blood clots in the leg veins;
  • decreases the degree of blood clotting, increases the speed of lower limb vein passage;
  • reduces swelling, removes excess fluid by taking a diuretic;
  • get rid of phlebitis.

Home remedies must be free of harmful factors. They are easy to do for you. They can be stored in cool rooms for long periods of time. Remarkably effective recipes are the availability and low cost - ingredients can be grown on individual plots or window sills in apartments.

An additional measure of effectiveness is diet.


Useful properties of home recipes for treating varicose veins of lower extremities are:

  • the fair total cost of home-made ointments, creams, decoctions, infusions, and tablets;
  • lack of substances capable of causing symptomatic signs of local or systemic poisoning of the body - use only natural ingredients;
  • home treatments can be stored for one calendar year and dry plant ingredients can be stored for up to two years;
  • individual herbs are within walking distance, which makes it impossible to waste material resources when buying and can be collected on your own.

Solving varicose leg problems with methods at home is considered effective and widely available to all walks of life in society.

Folk recipe

Home medicine widely uses herbal remedies against varicose leg veins, allowing you to combine traditional and alternative directions. All known techniques are broken down by convention:

  • in general - take a decoction and an infusion of herbs, apply ointment to the lower extremities, diet;
  • Local
  • - effects of certain drugs on certain lesions of the disease.

Excellent water, the base for soaking the feet is prepared independently and is not difficult for the patient. Home medicine experts take into account the need to strictly adhere to the ratios and rules of recipe preparation - breaching the technology will reduce the effective quality of substances, will not give an opportunity toget the desired results.


In the case of concomitant gastrointestinal disease, unstable kidney function, an examination of the venous specialist is required. The wrong approach to the diet could lead to worse episodes of illnesses coming back.

Damn the nut

Useful for the human body - structural component stimulates blood circulation, inhibits inflammatory reactions in the leg veins. The homemade recipe is one of the simplest.

  • Whole kernels are ground in a coffee grinder, a small one-third teaspoon poured with a glass of fresh boiling water. Cool to room temperature, add some natural honey and let stand for 20 minutes. Drink the infusion in the morning, before the first day of food intake. Fresh seed powder is prepared daily to avoid the disappearance of the essential oils. Breaking the technology will reduce the effectiveness of the formula.
  • The second recipe involves the use of alcohol - one liter of high quality vodka is used per 200 grams of crushed grains. Once mixed in a suitable container, the prepared substance is sent for infusion for 10 days. The finished drug is used three times a day, 20 drops. Duration of treatment should not exceed three calendar months.

Bee podmore and honey

Solution to the affected lower limb vein problem is done with an effective formula from home medicine:

  • Apply a layer of natural honey to the fabric and apply it to the affected veins. From the top, the lower extremities are covered with food grade polyethylene, the bandage is held in place with a bandage. On the first day of treatment, the pressure bandage was held on the leg for two hours, the second - for three hours, the third - four. In the future, the honey compresses are left on legs all night. The total duration of the method includes two to three weeks.
  • Podmore isp alcohol has been formulated according to a proven effective formula: one large teaspoon of this substance is poured with 200 ml of vodka, soaked in a dark room with low humidity for three weeks. It is used three times a day, 20 drops each time. The course of therapy is no more than two weeks, the algorithm is repeated after a two-week break.


Varicose veins of the lower extremities are treated with oral or plant-based medications.

  • Ginger tea allows you to prevent phlebitis, treat them of any degree of damage, in accordance with diet. A small portion is separated from ginger root, filled with hot water, hold for 15 minutes. Finished drink can be used as a substitute for homemade tea. It has an effective effect on the body's metabolism - necessary treatment for patients with lower limb vein disease formed on the basis of excess body weight or obesity of varying degrees.
  • Compressed ginger taken from the traditional medicine store - the better crushed tree, mixed with natural honey. The finished mixture is applied to the affected leg vein area, protected with polyethylene and covered with a warm blanket. It is forbidden to keep the bandage on the lower extremities for more than four hours.


An effective formulation for varicose veins in the legs includes the application of a special booster drink or compress. Recommended Home Medicine:

  • Fresh berries are ground to a pasty state, the mixture is placed on a cloth. A compress is applied to the inflamed veins and is fixed with a sterile dressing. Maneuvers are performed in the evening, bandaging the lower extremities. over night.
  • Homemade drink from honeysuckle fruit expressed with juice mixed with natural honey. Two large spoons take half a liter of water, use 40 ml, 4 times a day, not more than a month and a half.


Home remedies like to use leaves to prevent inflammation in the veins of the legs. The tree is used as a substrate for the compressed tree. The formula is not that difficult to complete.

The cabbage leaves are carefully crushed until soft, with vegetable oil spread inside. After applying to the problematic veins of the lower extremities, it is fixed with a bandage and left for 24 hours. Operations are repeated daily. The course of treatment consists of 30 procedures.


Home medicine experts recommend using green tomatoes as the basis for effective recipes to treat venous leg pain.

Cut the fruit in half, cover the problem area with the pulp and hold until it burns. After the procedure, the treatment area is washed off with cool water. Then the second half of the vegetable is applied to the area. Operations are repeated four times.

Continuous application of the formula will give you confidence in the results achieved in three weeks - the convex veins will turn pale and the nodes on the lower extremities will become softer.

Apple Cider Vinegar

In the home medicine field, vinegar solution is one of the most effective and popular methods for treating venous leg pain. The positive properties are related to the large amount of mineral elements and vitamins contained in it, which are essential for damage to the lower limb vein. Frequently using the simplest formula in the form of lubrication of skin areas allows you to get:

  • improves the elasticity of the dermis;
  • strengthens the circuit wall;
  • removes tissue swelling;
  • stabilizes blood circulation in the legs.


Alternative medicine warns that the best quality vinegar is made from the juice of the fruit, not from the peel. The high quality solution will allow you to achieve your expected results faster.


The affected veins of the lower extremities were treated with lemon, both oral and topical. The effective recipes are presented:

  • Compressed - the fruit is cut into even circles, applied to the inflamed leg veins and fixed above with special bandages or paper. The treatment takes place throughout the day, for operations with one lemon change three times.
  • Juices - substances that belong to an effective vein cleansing formula, by helping them increase elasticity. Fruit is used for both sensations and for prevention. Six ripe lemons, peeled, squeezed juice. Drinks are added to three golden mouth leaves, five garlic cloves, half a kilogram of honey. After mixing to a homogeneous mixture, the mixture is kept for one calendar week in a dark room. The composition of the drug is consumed in 25 grams, once a day, for the whole calendar month.


Contains a large amount of nutrients and trace elements necessary for the body. For the treatment of varicose leg veins, a pulp is used, from which the seeds are removed. They rubbed the entire surface of the lower extremities with it, wrapped it with warm material and left until morning. It is allowed to store the drug in the refrigerator. The pumpkin recipe is effective, but it has a long shelf life. Especially useful when dieting.


Volume of potatoes used in home medicine as a compress for the lower limb vein. Some tubers are washed under running water, peeled and crushed on a medium extractor. The root layer on the lower extremities should not exceed one centimeter.

Gauze wrapped on top, soaked in potato juice. Bandage on the legs for about four hours.


Homemade recipes require fresh potatoes, not old ones.

Adam's Apple

The product is suitable for making ointments. Smoked fat is stored in a 15 mm glass container. On top, place the sliced ​​Adam's apples. The melted fat is again applied on the fruit. Alternating filling allows for filling cans to neck. The last layer will be the fat that has been melted from the lard.

The filled box is placed in the steamer or oven for one day. Its content is not boiling. After cooking is finished, let the mixture cool, filter it and rub it over the problematic area twice a day.


The family medicine does not consider the bulb to be an effective ingredient of the root vegetable but as its peel. There are many formulas for treating varicose leg veins.

  • pre-cut two large spoons of rice husks poured with half a glass of vodka, keep for a week, filter and drink 20 drops, three times a day, 15 minutes before eating;
  • two tablespoons of the ground product were poured with two cups of boiling water, covered tightly for at least six hours, filtered and drunk in a quarter cup, three times a day before meals.

Treatment of problematic veins of the lower extremities lasts ten days.


This substance has a valuable property - it can get rid of stagnation and dissolve tumor-like shapes. In the early stages of the development of venous leg disease, effective ointments and oral products should be prescribed.

  • One part mummy is mixed with five parts cosmetic kerosene until smooth. The finished agent is gently rubbed into the veins of the affected leg, up to three times a day. You can wash off the excess ointment just one hour after applying.
  • A small piece of Altai plastic, not exceeding the tip of a matchstick, mixed with a large teaspoon of honey and the same amount of milk. The drug is taken in the morning and evening of the calendar month.


Suitable as a base for presses. Another effective home-based recipe for varicose leg varicose veins includes: take one medium-sized, white, finely chopped fruit. Butter is added to it, the percentage of the ingredients is one to two. In the evening, the veins of the lower extremities affected by the inflammation are applied mixedly, and covered with a layer of compression paper. The remainder of the drug is washed off in the morning. The procedure is repeated daily for several weeks. contract.


Plants drinks can help reduce the inflammatory response. To prepare them, you need 30 grams of chopped plant ingredients, one cup of boiling water. The prepared mixture is simmered over low heat and kept for about 10 minutes.

After cooling, a cotton or gauze bandage is dampened in the broth, which is wrapped around the lower extremities. A cotton towel is spread above, and legs are raised. After half an hour, the operation can be completed.

Fish oil

Oral product is used to stabilize metabolism and reduce body mass index. Application that allows you to get rid of congestion in the lower extremities.

To make a sauce, you take natural ingredients and honey in balanced proportions. The substance is stirred until a homogeneous mass is obtained, covered with a linen napkin and applied to the affected leg. Procedures are carried out in the evening. Compression is only removed in the morning.

Hydrogen peroxide

Solution therapy with one of the home remedies must comply with the following requirements:

  • Drinking hydrogen peroxide begins with one drop of dilute in three tablespoons of clean water. Every day, the concentration of the substance increases by one unit until the 10-drop mark is reached. Followed by a period of three days and the treatment is conducted according to the algorithm: two days in a row, after three days of rest.
  • Intravenous drip injection requires the use of perhydrol solution 0, 15. With its help, the walls of the veins of the legs are cleaned. A single dose should not exceed a volume of 250 ml.


Sea salt in effective home medicine recipes is used for packs and foot baths. This substance is diluted with liquid to get the consistency of the porridge liquid. The mixture is applied to the lower extremities, fixed from the top down with a material bandage. The application changes several times a day - do not leave a piece of bandage on your leg for more than four hours.

Another recipe requires refrigeration of prepared liquid mixture in the refrigerator and uses ice only in the morning. Compression is held until the sea salt heats up, its sediment is removed with running water. The implementation of recommendations will allow to avoid irritation on the dermis of the lower extremities.

An effective formula that requires several months of treatment - visible results after the first 30 days.


Clay has been shown to have a high effect on varicose leg veins. It is used as a widget.

This is diluted to a thick sour cream and applied to the lower extremities 2 cm thick. From above, the feet are wrapped in a cotton towel or warm cloth. The duration of the procedure is several hours, after which the remainder of the clay is washed off with warm water.

Operations are performed daily for a month and a half. At the end of therapy, they are replaced with a wet wrap, essentially a clay solution.


The blue version of clay is considered the best and most effective remedy among others.

Laundry soap

Home remedies offer a formulation for the treatment of varicose leg veins with a bar of laundry soap. 200 grams of washing powder is finely ground using a meat grinder. The same amount of old lard, millet and onions are added to them.

The mixture is brought to a state of a homogeneous ointment and kept for 24 hours. The finished medicine is placed on the lower extremities, covered with a linen and covered with plastic above. The ice lasted all night.


Home Medicine offers a baking soda recipe. Pour warm water into a large bowl, in which two hundred grams of substance, seventy grams of alum are dissolved. Put your feet in the bath, hold for 15 minutes. The therapeutic algorithm implies the procedure-bath week was used for two days, one day was given rest. Following this sequence, two weeks of treatment were given.

Shared bathing allowed. The concentrations of the drug formulation remained the same. After taking it, the body is wiped dry with blotting movements with a soft cloth.


Iodine mesh is applied according to standard cold treatment guidelines. A cotton swab is dipped in 5% iodine solution and straight lines are applied directly to the problem leg area at a distance of one cm. Perpendicular I stripe.

Grid is done in the evening.


Spontaneous allergy test is done before manipulation.

A thin line is applied to the healthy skin, hold for 60 minutes. The absence of redness, itching and rash allows for an effective treatment.


Horse chestnut alcohol helps fight lower limb varicose veins. Thoroughly chopped nuts are poured with a 96% alcohol solution, at the rate of one to three parts, and kept for three weeks. After filtering, the substance is applied to the dressing.

Compressed material is moistened in solution, squeezed out and placed on the problem area of ​​the lower limb vein. The top is covered with a film and thick fabric. Therapy lasts half an hour. Behind her, her feet were covered with warm blankets.

Treatment takes place every other day, at night, for one to two calendar months. Terms can be increased if necessary.


Medicines at home suppliers several methods of using burdock leaves.

  • Woodlice is placed on a vein of the affected leg, burdock is placed on top and fixed with a bandage. Leaves are replaced every two hours and wood lice are replaced after wilting. Weekly therapy helps reduce discomfort in the lower extremities.
  • Burdock is placed on a hot kettle to increase its temperature. The insides are applied to the affected veins, on a bandage previously placed. The sheet is fixed with tape material, left overnight. Treatment consists of five manipulations, produced in one day.


A medical bandage or gauze moistened in the sap and applied to the varicose area. The bandage lasts for four hours, therapy is carried out for a week. After the ten-day break, the algorithm can be repeated. Home remedies recommend a three-course treatment with fresh cactus juice.

Ferns with yogurt

Three large spoons of herbal ingredients are mixed with equal amounts of yogurt. The finished mixture is evenly distributed on a cotton cloth or compress, which is compressed placed over the problematic veins of the leg. Bandage is removed after three hours, lower limbs are washed with running water. An effective formula to be used before night rest.


Add half a teaspoon of homemade yogurt to a handful of carefully chopped mugwort. The prepared substance is distributed over a gauze, applied to the veins of the lower extremities. Above placed a film and a wool scarf. Leg lifts use a small roller. Treatment takes place for five consecutive days. After two weeks of rest, the procedure can be repeated.

Following the second recipe, two large spoons of homemade yogurt are mixed with eight chopped wormwood branches. The bandage is applied twice a day for 10 days.


Two tablespoons of dry ingredients are poured with four hundred milliliters of fresh boiling water, boil over fire for 15 minutes. After cooling, it is filtered and consumed four times a day, half a glass each time. Therapy is carried out until clinical manifestations completely disappear. diseases. Broth is used as a means of additional treatment of diseased veins of the lower extremities.


A half liter pot filled with chopped leaves, pour vodka near the neck and tightly stopper. The mixture is sent to a dark room for a week, then filtered and used as a solution to treat problematic leg veins. Crafting takes place every evening of the calendar month. An effective formulation reduces inflamed venous volume.

Arnica and white acacia

The two settings are created in parallel. The composition of one kind is a mixture of flowers and leaves of acacia, with a volume of 50 grams and vodka alcohol - 400 grams. The second contains 100 grams of arnica and one liter of 70% alcohol solution. After you have prepared the mixture, cover it tightly and keep in a dark place for twelve days.

The prepared drug is filtered, both tincture of tincture are mixed into one. During the procedures, the solution is rubbed daily into the damaged veins, at night, for a month.

Carrot Top Tea

One tablespoon of chopped tops into a new cup of boiling water, cover, cover with a thick towel for one hour. Drinks are taken three times a day, a full glass, thirty minutes before eating.

White willow bark

Two tablespoons of prepared willow bark are poured with two glasses of boiling water, kept on low heat for 15 minutes. Broth, let cool to warm, filtered, use one-third glass three times a day. The total duration of treatment should not exceed two months. It is allowed to use the substance as a basis for compression.


Thirty grams of crushed kernels, put into 300 ml of hot boiling water, brake for six hours. The filtered medicine uses half a cup, 3 times a day, 15 minutes before meals.