How to cure varicose leg veins in women with folk remedies

causes of varicose veins in women

How to cure varicose veins in women with folk remedies - what formulas can be applied?

There are many folk remedies and all of them are recommended.

How to cure varicose veins with folk remedies

Cure varicose veins with folk remedies, what formula will bring relief?

Compression works fine.

  • Spread the butter on a slice of fresh black bread and place the dried horse chestnuts and grind on top. Place a "sandwich" on an inflamed vein and fix it overnight. To achieve therapeutic effect, you need to do at least 10 sessions.
  • Rinse a burdock leaf or horseradish and heat on a kettle. But put a piece of bandage on the affected vein area, and then a towel is heated. Use a bandage and leave it on overnight. The duration of the course is 5 days. Applying frequency is every other day.
  • A thin layer of soothing ointment is applied to the inflamed veins. Also, you need to close it with a clean burdock and put compression socks on your legs. You will need to change the dressing after three days. You can treat varicose veins in this way throughout the summer.
  • On inflamed areas, apply a thin layer of liquid honey and wrap your feet with a film, fixing the compress with a bandage. The length of the first session is 2 hours, the second and the Tuesday session - 4 hours per session. After that, the compress can be left on overnight. Reduction of pathological symptoms was noted on day two.
  • Should apply a bandage soaked with potato water on the surface of the inflamed nodules. Leave the compress overnight.

The above are just some of the ways to cure varicose leg varicose legs for women with folk remedies, but they are all highly effective and effective in remission in a quite short time.

How to cure varicose leg veins by folk methods

How to cure varicose veins of the legs by folk massage methods?

Horse chestnut alcohol gives good results:

  • Half fill the three-liter jar with the shell and chopped horse chestnut pods and pour in vodka / wine. Close the lid and leave for one month in a dark place.
  • It is recommended to stir the mixture three times a week.
  • Before use, the alcohol must be filtered and pressed. Use this product to massage sore veins.

It is possible to use the same tincture: one teaspoon three times a day 15 minutes before meals. Duration of treatment is 1, 5 months.

Another effective alcohol is apple cider vinegar. It should be used daily, massaging the sore veins before bed every day.

Kalanchoe alcohol for the treatment of varicose veins

Kalanchoe alcohol works well:

  • You need to fill the crushed leaves of the 500 gram bottle with the crushed leaves and top with the brandy. Insist a week in the dark under the sealed lid.
  • Filter the alcohol and use it to massage the inflamed veins.

Practice rubbing at night for one calendar month.

The varicose veins characteristic of varicose veins will gradually disappear.

Treatment of varicose veins with folk remedies: the formula used in

How to cure varicose leg veins in women with folk remedies, besides rubbing and compressing, what can be used?

There are folk formulas that allow you to restore affected veins from within:

  • Pour 100 grams of nutmeg with vodka (500 ml) and incubate in a dark place. Then filter the water and drink 20 drops 30 minutes before the main meal. The duration of the course is 10 days. After that, you need to rest and repeat the course of treatment.
  • Boil one teaspoon of dried carrots in a cup of boiling water. Keep the heat in the thermos for 60 minutes and drink the product in the glass 30 minutes before meals 2-3 times a day.
  • Crush 250 grams of garlic into powder and mix them with liquid honey (350 grams). Leave the mixture in the dark for a week. Eat one tablespoon of the product three times daily before meals. The duration of the course is 2 months.
  • Boil 2 tablespoons of chopped willow bark with a cup of boiling water and boil in a water bath for 15 minutes. Strain the product and drink one-third of a glass. Duration of treatment is 2 months. This broth is also suitable as a juice.
  • Fill the hazel leaves with boiling water (30 grams) (300 ml) with boiling water. Leave for 6 hours in a thermos and filter. Drink half a glass three times a day 15 minutes before meals. Continue treatment until symptoms decrease.
  • Pour vodka (500 ml) over chestnut flowers (150 grams). Let it infuse for 14 days in a dark place. Filter the product and take 20 ml each, after stirring the product in water. Frequency - 4 times a day, strictly before meals.
  • Pour vodka (500 ml) over hawthorn (300 grams). Let the hawthorn incubate for 3 weeks, and drain. Drink 6 ml of alcohol in the evening before meals, after diluting with clean water.

How to cure varicose veins with folk remedies: green tomatoes

How to cure varicose veins by using folk methods of green tomatoes? The composition of unripe tomatoes contains a certain amount of acetylsalicylic acid, which has the effect of thinning blood, inducing inflammation and eliminating pain syndrome. In addition, the flavonoids present in the component firm the inflamed blood vessel walls.

Treatment of varicose veins in women with folk remedies

When choosing tomatoes to treat varicose veins, you need to choose fruits that are not damaged, with no signs of disease.

The diagram using green tomatoes looks like this:

  • fruit should be cut into thin slices and placed on inflamed veins;
  • hold them until a slight burning sensation appears;
  • must then remove the tomatoes and rinse the skin with cool water.

This should be done 5 times a day. After completing the second week green tomato treatment, the inflammatory markers decreased markedly. Green tomato treatments are especially effective against reticular varicose veins.

If the burning sensation is too strong, you can replace the unripe tomato with a ripe tomato. They are also cut into thin slices. Change the vegetable circle every three to four hours. Ripe tomatoes can be applied overnight as compresses, fixed with plastic and towels.

How to cure varicose leg veins with folk remedies: maklura

How to treat varicose veins in the legs in women by folk methods using maclura? Maclura (Adam's apple) is widely used in the complex therapy of pathology. Most often it is used to make ointments. In this case, the medicinal herb may contain both the pulp of the fruit and additional ingredients that enhance the healing effect.

The recipe for the ointment is quite simple:

  • Cut maclura. Pour in boiling water and leave for 4 hours to allow the liquid to completely cover the fruit.
  • Add 1 part molten lard.
  • Using a mixer, mix all ingredients until smooth.
  • Place preparations in the refrigerator on the side shelf.

The ointment will be ready for use after a day. Keep warm before use so that it warms to room temperature. Use the ointment twice a day.

The product has a characteristic odor. This must be taken into account when applying the ointment in the morning. The feet will need to be washed. In the evening, the ointment is applied at bedtime and left overnight. These applications contribute to the restoration of impaired blood circulation, and also stimulate repair processes in damaged vascular walls.

Duration of treatment with ointment - not more than 14 days. A new portion of the remedy must be prepared every 4 days.

Treatment of varicose leg varicose veins with soda

Soda is often used to prepare a bath in this diagnosis. They help reduce fatigue, eliminate pathological puffiness and prevent the development of nighttime cramps.

Should soak your feet in the evening:

  • Pour 5 liters of comfortable hot water into a bucket and add 200 grams of soda and 70 grams of alum.
  • Then add 2-3 more liters and stir.
  • Put your foot in the water for 15 minutes.

Pat the skin with a towel. Then apply on skin any medicated creams that increase vascular tone. The duration of the course is 10 baths per day. After that, it is necessary to rest briefly and if necessary, the treatment can be repeated.

Now you know how to treat varicose veins in women with folk remedies. But it is important to remember that such therapy should not cancel the taking of the chosen drugs.