Leg pain with varicose veins and other signs of varicose leg disease, how to treat

Surgeon examines a patient

Through the article, you will know the signs that indicate varicose veins of the lower extremities, causes, pathology and prevention at home.


Varicose veins is a venous disease, based on the malfunction of the vascular valve apparatus with the formation of varicose veins, dilated lumen, obstruction, accompanied by continuous tissue pasting.


Varicose veins of the legs have various causes and symptoms, having secondary gender characteristics.The most common cause of the disease is called congenital weakness of connective tissue.Second is the hormonal change, so women are diagnosed with varicose veins more often. A prolonged static posture, sitting or standing all plays a role, while the longer the legs, the more severe the situation. Weight gain also increases pressure in the veins of the lower extremities, as well as lack of physical activity. Smoking, pregnancy, medical problems, wearing tight underwear, shoes, high heels, everything that stagnates the blood circulation in the veins in the legs are all risks of varicose veins.


Stages of varicose veins

Signs of varicose veins in women and men are not fundamentally different. This is a phased disease, their symptoms correlate with the stage of development of the pathological process.

The first stage is characterized by small clinical manifestations: veins are barely protruding on the skin's surface, the dermis is slightly congested, heavy in the legs begins to disorder, numbness of the legs, ankleslegs, may twitch. Such symptoms of varicose leg veins are especially painful for women from an aesthetic point of view. Pain often precedes visual signs.

In the second stage, the clinical picture typically presents: veins of the legs protrude high above the surface of the skin, clearly palpable, like buttons. If the pathological process progresses, the veins of the lower extremities are sinusoidal, purple-green in color, sometimes they turn black.

Symptoms of varicose leg varicose veins in the third stage are characterized by the development of complications: nutritional disorders appear, skin is like parchment, edema and cramps become common, redness of the feet, rash begins to itch, join secondary flora, purulent layers, dermatitis, eczema.

The fourth stage of varicose veins of the lower extremities is the most severe in terms of symptoms: inflamed skin on the inflamed veins, associated adjacent tissues, open trophic ulcers, pain in the legs due toVaricose veins are permanent, adding secondary infection causing thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, urgent hospitalization, complex treatment.


The vein surgeon deals with the pain in the leg from varicose veins, but the vascular surgeon can also make an initial appointment. It all depends on the severity of the pathology. The vein surgeon prescribes conservative therapy or refer to the vascular surgeon for advice to resolve surgical problems.

Without adequate physical examination and testing, an accurate diagnosis cannot be made. The instrumental diagnostic methods help to clarify the pathological stage, the duration of the tests takes 10 minutes, maximum - half an hour. The examination results were notified by the doctor immediately, right at the first appointment. The choice of adequate therapy depends on the stage of the pathology.


Varicose veins therapy is on the "three pillars": drug therapy, minimally invasive techniques, classic surgery.


In addition to mandatory general recommendations for varicose veins: dose, regular physical activity, minimization of static load on the legs, therapeutic exercise, wearing knitwear, use of a bandageanise - conservative therapy involving the appointment of a flavonoid-based tonic, horse chestnut extract. These are systemic pills in pill form: synthetic and based on natural ingredients.

Usually, oral administration is combined with external therapy of the same name for varicose veins. According to doctors and patients, the combination of capsules and gel is the most effective.

Of course, should not expect complete cure from conservative methods, the drug is not able to restore dilated veins, but as a preventive measure, in preparation for aSurgical, non-surgical treatment of varicose veins - these drugs guarantee to suspend the progression of the disease and relieve symptoms.


The essence of minimally invasive therapy for varicose veins is to inject a special sclerotherapy drug into a dilated vein. Through a syringe, the doctor pumps a effervescent solution into a vein, filling the deformed vessel, constricting it.

The patient is wearing a pressed sock designed to keep the pulse in this state. Within three days, the walls of the veins stick together, the veins are shut off from the normal bloodstream and empty. You need to wear compressed knitwear for at least a month, sometimes two. The criterion for the effectiveness of the treatment is adhesion to form.

Compressed fibrosis is given if varicose veins are not complicated by reversing blood flow from deep to shallow veins through the catheter veins.If such backflow is present, the efficiency of the process tends to be zero.


Works - has been and remains the most reliable and effective way to treat varicose veins, regardless of the presence of backflow in the veins. But here, it is important to consult a doctor promptly, as relapses often occur in a later stage. Varicose veins are operated using various techniques: microsurgery, high frequency waves and laser freezing the deformed veins.

In the early stage, photolysis or laser effectively removes the spider veins. In the later stage, surgical removal of the vein is indicated - complete removal of the affected veins. The surgery is prone to trauma and complications, so today doctors are trying to use a less invasive miniflebectomy technique. If varicose veins are complicated by venous thrombosis, secondary infection, thencross sectionis ​​performed.


The essence of using folk remedies to prevent and treat varicose veins is to remove toxins and toxins from the body with the restoration of normal blood flow. To do this, a balanced diet, including cabbage, tomatoes, bell peppers, herbs, citrus fruits, apples, peaches, cherries, cherries, strawberries, gooseberriesand sour in everyday dishes. Make sure to calculate the correct serving sizes: 40 ml per kg of body weight.

In addition, they used the properties of green tomatoes, tied in slices into the varicose area in the form of compression. The effect is ensured by lycopene - an antioxidant in the pulp of the fruit, which improves the structure of the vascular wall, tightens the veins. You can try juice treatments: all raw vegetables are suitable.

Garlic and lemon extracts work: phytoncides dissolve cholesterol plaques, clear the vessels, a natural antibiotic is garlic that kills bacteria, and vitamin C strengthens intointravenously, prevents the deposition of salt. Alcohol is simply processed: chopped 4 unshelled lemons, 4 large garlic bulbs, put in a jar, filled with warm boiled water, covered for 3 days, shake the jar daily, filter, store cold, drink 1/3 cup in 3 meals / day. Of course - drunk 12 liters of solution obtained.

Apple cider vinegar is generally considered to be a good source of minerals and vitamins; For varicose veins, it is taken orally in the morning and evening by dissolving two teaspoons of the product in one cup of water. Topical: rub the varicose veins with tampons soaked in vinegar to relieve itching and pain.

Compression is made of honey, applying a sterile napkin with the product to the varicose area for several hours under the film. Use broken cabbage leaves soaked in vegetable oil overnight. Course - month.


Prevention of varicose veins has two goals: stopping the onset of the disease and reducing the number of recurrences. For this: you cannot go to a sauna or bath in very hot water, lift weights. Should exercise a lot, not including endurance sports, control weight, limit eating foods that are too spicy and fatty.

No need to wear tight clothing, wear long socks, knee socks, socks with elastic bands, cross legs when sitting. Women are encouraged to give up high heels.

At night - cool foot baths, you can soak your feet with cold water in the morning. Need to give up bad habits, proficiently massage the acupuncture points by themselves: smoothing the skin of the lower extremities from bottom up and vice versa for 10 minutes, minimizing stress, avoiding overheating, cold, medical examination.

For varicose veins, it is reasonable to go to the pool, walk, take a contrast shower at home and wear knitwear regularly.