How to manage quam varices veins in the legs

Spider veins, bulging swollen knotted veins, as it looks, quam varices, you know, maybe everything. Let's talk about that during the disease occurs inside the veins.

When quam varices flexibility of the blood vessels is reduced, as a consequence, they expand. Inside the veins, the particular ears to regulate the flow of blood to the heart to the lower extremities. If this "gate" is working properly, then no problem. In the case if the error in the operation of, or develops, quam varices. The valves are closed, preventing the movement of the blood, the heart, causing it to stagnate in the veins. Of course, increase the pressure and push the blood in the deep veins of the thicker, thinner, closer to the skin vessels. The system of these veins that are not appropriate in such knots, amount of blood, as a result, the walls are not only excessive stretch, but it's getting destroyed.

The result of this process it becomes clearly visible on the skin, spider veins, which in itself is a serious aesthetic problem. The disease progresses, a thin weakened veins becoming more pronounced, with a characteristic blue color, thicken, and will soon be displayed in knots.

Causing quam varices

There are many factors that significantly increase the likelihood that a particular person is suffering from quam varices:

  • Genetic heritage of the parents or the grandparents, who faced quam varices, a descendant of "the" Vienna a special structure (weak connective tissue, imperfect valves, etc.); then, without the continuous observance of the preventive measures probably need to sooner or later be a patient diagnosed with, "quam varices of the legs."
  • Hormonal fluctuations – most often affects women (menopause, menstruation, pregnancy, etc.), which explains apparent gender selectivity of the disease; in addition, the risk quam varices increase in the treatment – scientifically proven, that they included female sex hormones, as well as the representatives to a large extent reduces the flexibility of the vein walls.
  • Nervous system disorders, stress, depression – this is lowering the tone of blood vessels, because of the flexibility, the walls are covered by nerve endings.
  • Inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs (which, again, is more common in women) – these processes can lead to the hormonal balance, but also can damage the small blood vessels.
  • Lack of physical activity, life – long sitting provocantes blood vessels, decreased blood flow, gradually decreases the tone of the venous walls, and the blood begins to stagnate, quam varices (today the doctors was even a special term – computer quam varices, so that a large number of patients, the disease cause, which is sedentary work in front of a flickering monitor).
  • Excessive exercise – these include weight lifting, being overweight, pregnancy, work, associated with long-quam varices; as a result, significantly increased pressure in the veins that lead to the event quam varices.
  • Flat feet.
  • Habit of always, everywhere, to "throw" the correct high heel shoes.
  • Constipation, which increases pressure in the abdomen.
  • Injuries, disease.
  • Paul – as already mentioned, the risk of developing varices quam over women.
  • The structure of the body, usually in the quam varices often affects people of above-average growth.

The symptoms quam varicose veins in the legs

The symptoms quam varices characterized by gradual progress. Clear signs are detected, immediately, in the first stage, the disease is manifested through:

varicose veins on the legs</1_img> swelling of the legs, especially after a long stay in a sitting or standing position, as a rule, to pass in the morning – the first sign that the deep veins can not cope with the tasks;
  • cramps, numbness in the legs, most often, this phenomenon shows up in the morning, in the evening;
  • the sensation of heaviness, burning sensation, itching, pain in the legs, particularly in the second half of the day;
  • the first visible signs of the distinctive red-and-blue veins, veins, clearly visible on the skin.

The first warning signs should not delay the visit to the doctor. As we know, any disease, most respond to treatment in the initial stage. If the symptoms are not addressed, but the patient is not considered a sufficient basis for skilled help in the future waiting for such features as:

  • thickening and darkening of the skin of the calf: so there are the spots, peeling;
  • veins painful, when the empire indigentiam;
  • severe muscle pain, the intensity of which increases while walking;
  • the appearance of the speaker to the skin of the leg, venous nodes.

If the correct treatment is not going to appoint at this stage, the patient will inevitably have severe complications, which will be discussed later.

When to see a doctor?

There are indications appearance, which is an absolute indication for urgent treatment to the doctor. These are the following:

  • a feeling of weakness together traiecto, a feeling of lack of oxygen;
  • sharp sharp pain in the feet, the legs closed, burning sensation;
  • at the beginning of the tractus call the fear and suspicion to the plot.

This diagnosis?

The exact diagnosis can only ask the doctor – phlebologist or vascular surgeon. A specialist preferably at the first warning signs of the body. Of course, the first test procedures for the verification, assessment of the patient. Then, in order to confirm the diagnosis and to obtain the maximum information on the nature and severity of the disease, you may need the following procedures:

  • Ultrasound of the veins in the process, this study not only showed the presence of varicose veins quam, but conclusions about the direction of blood flow, presence, skin, mouth, tumors, assessment irradiet, blood vessels;
  • contrast intravaginales – very accurate, informative research method, the results of which there is an opportunity to fully appreciate the condition of the veins; this test is performed by introducing into the human body contrast, coloring of blood.
Both methods removable. Because it's the least invasive for the last time, the desired ultrasound of the blood vessels. Ultrasound the veins</2_img>

What is the dangerous quam varicose veins?

About quam varices is an aphorism created by the doctors "disease is the manifestation of the legs, the shooting of the heart." Indeed, this disease is not just an aesthetic problem, problem, and reduces the quality of life. In the absence of qualified medical assistance quam varices severe complications, including death.

So, the consequences quam varicose veins in the legs:
  • thrombophlebitis – a disease accompanied by the event of inflammatory processes of the affected veins;
  • bleeding;
  • violation of nutrition of tissues;
  • increased pigmentation;
  • increased quam varices dangerous, not only for health but also life complications.

I have to say, is about as common a "partner" quam varices of the leg, as the trophic ulcer. The reason for its occurrence is in constant venous insufficiency, high blood pressure in the veins. Such ulcers are usually slow to heal, very difficult to handle, so it can limit the work capacity of the patient and may even cause disability. Swelling, excruciating pain, still the bad smell – it makes life very difficult. The appearance of trophic ulcers suffering quam varices person's consent even for minor injuries, abrasions, which is simply impossible to avoid. Anyway, sometimes (rarely) these lesions transform into malignant tumor.

Treatment quam varicose veins in the legs

Treatment quam varices of the legs depends on, first, the stage of the disease. If we are talking about the initial stages of the disease, when it has not yet made a statement, the complications and irreversible processes, this is the most commonly used, conservative treatment, i.e. the treatment without surgery, which includes the following procedures:

  • Medication – as tablets (venarum, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, anticoagulants), as well as the local resources, i.e. the different angioprotective.
  • Compression treatment – anti exudativ wear special stockings or multivitamin leg with an elastic bandage.
  • ovarii, finally using the device ovarii, activate the circulation, improve tissue trophism, as a result, the unpleasant symptoms quam varices is reduced, and then disappears.
  • Sclerotherapy is used in the case, if you don't have to remove the affected veins is not enough. Is performed without a surgical scalpel, the vein injected a special amputetur the blood flow to the drug, as a result, the ship gradually wither away and disappear. It's not happening quickly, during the year, you may need one-on-one session, but the effect is sclerotherapy worth it.
  • trump, laser photocoagulation is one of the modern methods of local anesthesia, the result can be evaluated after a month.
  • The leeches – this is one of the traditional methods of treatment quam varicose veins in the legs based on the leeches – when exar along the patient's skin and subsequent phlebologist produce blood substance ; today, however, it is possible that without the leeches – on the shelves of pharmacies, many preparations containing this device.

Prevention quam varices varicose

Special attention to the prevention quam varicose veins in the legs must be taken to ensure that people vulnerable: those whose relatives suffer from this disease, representatives of certain professions (teachers, hairdressers, etc.), people who are overweight, pregnant, etc.

First, you need to lead an active lifestyle. Sport (swimming, Bicycle), I'd rather be Hiking "permanent" journey to the public transport, to climb to the floor stairs, not the Elevator, etc.

Those who professional forced to spend a long time sitting or standing in need to pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • A long better from time to time from one foot to the other, while moving the toes.
  • Office workers spending days behind a computer screen, we recommend that you regularly put your foot on the table– in this situation, significantly improve the outflow of blood from the veins of the lower limbs.
  • A little support can reduce the dangerous pressure; besides, it is very comfortable in sitting for a long time to perform basic exercises.
  • A simple exercise, which is a phased lifting of the toes, contributes to the tension in the leg muscles and improves the flow of blood.
  • At least once an hour for 5-10 minutes to the bench, and some exercise.

Compression is used not only to treat quam varices, but also the prevention. For example, if a person in the family who suffer from this disease, during pregnancy, during flights and long journeys by bus or train, in the process, the training is better if you use the stocking, or wrap the leg with elastic bandage.

If the problem in itself is the most mild, you should avoid the following:

  • taking oral contraceptives (contain hormones that can worsen the situation);
  • wearing high-heeled shoes;
  • overweight and obesity;
  • eating salty, fatty, spicy foods;
  • carrying heavy bags, suitcases (now very popular in the Luggage of the wheels);
  • wax;
  • a long hot bath;
  • sauna, bath;
  • the excessive consumption of alcohol, Smoking;
  • self-treatment.