Causes of varicose veins the development.

Normal movement of blood in the human body is actively working, like arteries, to supply blood, the vein that returns the top – two rounds of the circulation, which they say is still in school, when learning human anatomy. The process venous circulation "runs" the heart, like everything else in the body, which is the United work of the heart muscle blood rises. Blood was rising with the aftershocks, the capture certain areas where the blood vessels, valves which don't allow the blood to fall down.

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The active movement of a man, for example, when walking, the muscles regularly contract to relax that blood flow to the lower valve by valve, which is located above the vein, etc. This is the description of the normal flow of blood from the vein, but if the valve is not fully reduced when the walls of the veins are stretched, if the lumen of the vein is wider, then there is back blood flow, which causes a disease of the blood vessels. This disease is called veins varicose veins. Take a closer look to what this disease is, what its causes and the possible prevention of varicose veins.


The valves only a connection (communication) veins connecting superficial and deep veins. Working full valves "pass" the blood in the deep veins, but don't let him back, pushing him through the blood vessels. The expansion of vein between the valves closed, a small gap which allows the blood back to the deep or the superficial veins.

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Accumulation in the blood leads to further stretching of the vessel walls, as well as the final between the valves increases. Reflux – abnormal counter currents in the superficial veins to provoke the formation of stars, and developed a vein node that appears under the skin, and a vicious circle of the disease remains. To break out of this circle without the help of doctors, only creams, pills, that's impossible.

Vienna will never be reduced to the desired diameter because of the flexibility of the walls of the disease, or slow, or don't use the surgery. The symptoms of varicose veins, causes, treatment – is necessary to know better, make the right lifestyle change the principle, only the disease relief and development can be contained.

Defective work of the venous valves caused by unfavorable factors, which affect the people in the bad way of life is only one factor. Vienna is not the system, the compression, relaxation, to push the blood to the working muscles.

If the muscles are not active, due to sedentary work, a person's immobility, lack of exercise or regular walking, many hours of sitting behind the wheel, or a computer monitor, then "earn" the disease is possible without the presence of the genetic predisposition. You should know that varicose veins due to the disease not just the changes that occurred, the vessels of the legs, this is a complex change that affects the entire human body.


The visible symptoms of the varicose veins appears is much later than the disease, so if your relatives were the symptoms of the disease can be observed and tested in the doctor-phlebologist is required. Various causes of varicose veins leads to some confusion in the medical world, because I always believed that the best way to avoid the disease is prevention. In the case of varicose veins, prevention is not considered to be 100%, because the main cause of varicose veins is heredity.

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It doesn't matter who the family had problems with the veins, where to find the troubled areas, the disease is localized to any location in Vienna in the groin, leg or anus. The presence of the gene responsible for the disease, the disease may become manifest at any age. Of course, the more common of varicose veins of the lower extremities, but this does not preclude the possibility of manifestations of the disease, the body's any part.

The causes of varicose veins, the rapidity, the severity of the disease depends on the behavior of the patient, the perseverance, how to handle and maintain the necessary lifestyle. Weak venous wall can be healthy in the absence of harmful factors, of Vienna, does not extend, except if there's a reason for it. In addition to the inheritance to distinguish different causes of disease:

  1. Sitting or immobile (people with disabilities) lifestyle.
  2. Gender – in women the disease is more common.
  3. Hours of driving, computer work, including all trade, forcing a person to sit for long period of time.
  4. Heavy physical exertion, on a permanent basis (athletes, porters, and other professions where people are constantly forced to stand – hairdressers, clerks, carpenters, joiners, etc.).
  5. High heels, in the hands of the hard bags.
  6. In the absence of a change in the activity during a daily cycle, monotonous static work.

This is just a small list of the cause of the disease, therefore, should be regularly, as the survey phlebologist, especially in cases where heavy feet, the legs, or swelling. If the relatives of the lines were such problems, the experts have observed a doctor as soon as possible to prevent the progression of the disease.

If you don't deal with the treatment of varicose veins, after venous blood vessels of the legs, to an hospital bed, quite a bit of time, and among people the death is painful to be the only way of salvation, a surgical scalpel.

The doctors have established 6 main stages of varicose veins:

  • Zero stage, when gradually the symptoms are similar to the symptoms of varicose veins, a heaviness in the legs, swelling, and sometimes even seizures during night sleep or rest. According to the study, Doppler or visually detect the presence of disease is not possible.
  • 1. stage – the symptoms continue, they're added to venous stars, venous pronounced grid on the legs.
  • 2. phase or stage of the disease, when a person is seen in the subcutaneous nodules of blue color, or thickening of the blood vessels. Sometimes he felt the muscles in position by changing the organization. Since there are nodules, then there is a stagnation of the blood in the deep veins, which promotes the formation of blood clots.
  • 3. section the emergence of a strong edema in the evening. In the morning, the swelling may not be, but during the day they are back, sore feet, frequent cramps.
  • 4. stage is characterized by the appearance of nutritional knot to quickly move the stage, the ulcer. The color of the skin of the leg changes to dark brown, almost black. Develop skin atrophy, trophic ulcers.
  • 5. section of the above symptoms, past the newly opened trophic ulcer.
  • 6. stage – the presence of a constant trophic ulcers, are prone to expansion, deepening.

The surgery can be performed 1. stage, when the wall, the small ships are glued to a special introduction of the injection composition. The laser coagulation glue, big ships. In both cases, recovery after surgery wearing a special Jersey, the rejection, the high heels, moreover, even you can't lift weights. The more complicated surgical operations on the veins, the surgeons make an individual appointment at the rehabilitation.


Indeed, most patients with this diagnosis in women, paro of, or women who are obese, your risk"," varicose veins of the lower extremities is much higher than those who regularly go for sports, walk a lot. Hormonal drugs during treatment of infertility or the menopause can also lead to the rapid development of varicose veins.


Women are 2-3 times more prone to the disease than men. Hormonal therapy is another factor that can trigger the disease, because of the yellow body hormone relaxes the muscles, relieving the muscle cramps, but this action extends to the venous wall. Inflammation of the pelvic organs, as well as to provoke the appearance of the disease.

The women wear high-heeled shoes, are in danger. But, to be honest, visually distinguishes 7 cm heel 11 cm, it is difficult, therefore, we recommend that you wear shoes with low heels or intermittent. The majority of women are either sedentary work or repetitive work is associated with a position in the body. When sedentary work must arrange for an hour walk, a stationary work – convenient vacation at least once an hour. Easy gymnastics, massage the feet, is not excessive.


Usually the disease affects the truck drivers, who are forced to spend many hours behind the wheel. There are men participating in the sports a great physical strain to the workers, the workers and those who are forced to work, while only one body position. High intra-abdominal pressure during weight lifting causes a defective vascular valve, the pressure in the veins standing sitting position of the body. In addition, men are usually not a lot of attention to the appearance of their legs than women, so go to the doctor at a late stage of the disease.

Not knowing that the varicose veins may affect not only the legs but other organs, the men also get varicose veins in the spermatic cord – varicocele, the disease, which affects ten people in the country. The infertility is the result of the disease, although the surgery will solve the situation.


Frequent constipation during pregnancy, prolonged coughing, severe sneezing, the common cold is a prerequisite of the emergence of varicose veins are the veins that run along the rectum. In fact, this disease is hemorrhoids which pain. It is necessary to immediately treat hemorrhoids, eat, move a lot, to avoid the pathology of veins in the region. It is important to note that wherever diseases: prevention and treatment should be supplemented with a special form of life, taking into account the details of the disease.



Anything that can trigger the varicose veins in adults also applies to adolescents. In adolescent boys, 14-15 years, venous manifesting due to the specific structure of the body, increased hormones, neural overload, associated with physical or emotional stress. Arterial-venous fistulas, or holes between blood vessels that can cause the beginning of varicose veins in the legs.

The girls before menstruation, you may also experience swelling of the legs, pain, difficulty, the lower abdomen, the legs, which quickly disappears after cessation of the discharge. Frequent constipation due to improper diet, the desire to lose weight can also provoke the appearance of varicose veins.