Varicose veins: modern methods of treatment. Myths, facts

Widespread varicose disease generated a lot of speculation on this issue. We promise a quick, painless get rid of your varicose veins once and for all. In this article: modern methods of treatment of varicose veins, the hype, the facts, the test for the predisposition to the disease.

Against varicose veins, it should be understood that the greatest danger of complications. To lead them to the dilated superficial veins that have lost original function, or a threat to life.

Stretched veins do not come back to normal, it disappears with the help of the pills, ointments, herbs, and even more, conspiracy, and other non-traditional methods of treatment.

Complete cure of varicose veins is only possible if the elimination of varicose veins, and venous shunts. Some alternative therapies can provide only the prevention of the disease, the pain, slow the progress of varicose veins.

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Modern medicine vascular surgery date, or is the only miracle drug, and effective cosmetic surgical treatments. But under the order.

treatment of varicose veins

The intake of internal medicines can get rid of varicose veins forever

It's a fact. The Modern pharmaceutical market offers a wide range of the medications. They all have similar substance (plant flavonoids), the low effectiveness, side effects. Tonic veins will not save you from varicose veins, but the difficulty, swelling, night cramps or it's very possible.

The creams, gels cure varicose veins

It's a fact. The seller or manufacturer's promise, a high efficiency, it should be understood that the creams, gels, do not eliminate the varicose veins. The massage promotes venous outflow, acts as a gentle massage, soothing effect on the skin, in the initial stages of the disease.

If the varicose veins running, a few creams, ointments may cause dermatitis, an allergic reaction, which exacerbates the problem. Thrombophlebitis prescribed the heparin means that thin the blood, helping to remove the inflammation.

Thanks to the active very popular jellies, creams, leeches. The doctors, shaman, these products have no relation to nor leeches, nor drugs. Waste of time and money, the place where self-hypnosis.

Leeches cure varicose veins

It's a fact. The saliva of leeches rich hirudin to diluted blood. This is the fact this is the main reason that the ignorant people resort to leeches varicose veins, confusing the thrombophlebitis.

Blood thinners will not affect the varicose veins, which is caused by the increase in the venous lumen and the valve insufficiency. The danger of such treatment, a quiet.

The result of the treatment of skin pigmentation on the site of the bite, prolonged bleeding from wounds. This is the best. The worst develop dermatitis, limfostazom, PHLEBOTHROMBOSIS, and even gangrene in the extremities.

The composition of the saliva of leeches a lot of allergens that may be in the chronic venous stasis can cause inflammatory allergic reactions, which destroy the skin, and aggravating varicose veins.

Phlebology recognize such treatment final quackery, dangerous to the health of the patient. Leech therapy is especially contraindicated in ulcers.

Compression stockings causes of varicose veins, the disease

It's a fact. The use of elastic medical compression seen in the early stages of the disease, to radical measures. Compression of the dilated varicose veins, promotes redistribution of blood flow to the outside of the affected veins deep, eliminates stagnation of the blood in the veins.

While the elastic compression does not eliminate the disease reason, just to simulate the situation where the veins are "closed" or removed. Right size we recommend that you go ahead Phlebology.

Treatment of varicose veins

Nowadays, methods of treatment of varicose veins has been simplified, almost everyone is done on an outpatient basis, if you require hospital treatment, only a day or two. The main types of treatment: sclerotherapy, laser coagulation, radio frequency ablation, surgery.

Experienced professionals often use several methods at the same time. Consider the most common, the advantages and disadvantages.



This non-surgical method of removal of the patient's blood vessels. The ship entered sklerozant, special liquid formulations, adhesives vein, which eventually disappears. Blood ceases to flow to the affected area, and then again through healthy veins.

Sclerotherapy was applied at the beginning of the last century, the intervention became less dangerous, traumatic. Sklerozant into the patient's vein using a thin needle or micro catheters. A times it can take 4 injections, and the number of sessions is determined by the severity of the disease.

After injection, the patient wears compression stockings, it is recommended to walk (up to 5 hours), to avoid deep vein thrombosis. Elastic compression should be worn during the treatment, of course, in the end (4 weeks).

Sclerotherapy improves the flow of blood, dilated blood vessels disappear, swelling, pain, cramps, fatigue. Spots occur at the top of the veins removal finally over.

Sclerotherapy include:

  • You sclerotherapy
  • ECHO-sclerotherapy (injection sklerozant right on target, thanks to the ultrasound to see the vein lumen),
  • Foam-form sclerotherapy. Sklerozant becomes foam, in a boat, which allows you to "seal" tight big veins.

Sclerotherapy ensure the long-term medical, cosmetic result, in some cases for a lifetime. Only the patients with 25% of the varicose veins running we can't count on full recovery. The manifestation of the disease is significantly reduced.


  • Individual intolerance sklerozant.
  • Taking anti-inflammatory, hormonal drugs.
  • The unwanted weight.
  • Run the cellulite in the affected veins.
  • Inflammatory, purulent diseases of the skin of the feet.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Thrombophlebitis.


  • Outpatient treatment allows you to keep your way of life.
  • Cosmetic effect is immediately noticeable, scars.
  • Minimal pain during the treatment.
  • It is possible to eliminate more of the blood vessels.


There is no guarantee lifelong result. In order to achieve this you need to start your treatment to eliminate the cause of the varicose veins.

- Wearing compression stockings, it is possible to withdraw for a short time in the hygiene procedures.

The laser treatment — the

The laser treatment — the "office surgery"

Photocoagulation — laser treatment of varicose veins, if you close the lumen. The latest development of the German specialists, the so-called endovenous (intravascular) or endo coagulation (EVL or EVL). The currently widely used leading clinics of Russia and abroad.

The EVL is a "kit" (ablation) of the damaged blood vessels through a high-energy laser without incisions. The thermal laser treatment from inside the vein injected a special fiber through the puncture, a spasm of the vein, the lumen is closed. Vienna is terminated in the bloodstream, and subsequently replaced by the connective tissue.

The degree of effect of EVL in patients in the arteries is higher than the varicose veins, and achieve the effect equivalent to the classical vein removal.

Intravascular coagulation is recognized as the minus traumatic quick, modern way to eliminate the varicose veins.

The minimum time spent on operation (about 40 minutes) and recovery (4 hours), local anesthesia — these factors have led to the treatment of "office surgery". The patient after the procedure, you may leave the clinic on their own, and to return to the workplace.

The pros.

Intravascular laser ablation is a worthy alternative to surgical intervention:

  • Excellent cosmetic effect — during surgery there is no incision.
  • The short EVL procedure in less than an hour.
  • The quick build, which gives you the opportunity to not cease to work.
  • The coagulation laser is controlled by the indications of ultrasound, which improves the quality of care, postoperative complications minimizes.
  • The lack of, hematomas, bruises.


  • The operation cost is very high
  • The large-diameter blood vessels is not eliminates the need for pruning.
  • Vienna's large-diameter apart, and later back.

VNU. Radio frequency ablation

The latest method, developed by the international scientific community in order to find the perfect cure varicose veins on your legs. North America, Europe, the method is practiced for more than 10 years, russia has in practice large clinics in the recent past.

VNU — endo method used to treat the affected varicose veins are large veins of the trunk. The puncture injected radio-frequency catheter, "medicandi" Vienna by microwave exposure. The catheter has sensors that measure the usefulness, effectiveness of a thermal effect on the vein wall.


  • Ambulatory conditions.
  • Local anesthesia.
  • Preservation of disability.
  • Without the cuts.
  • Fast recovery of the patient (30 minutes after surgery). Within a week you can practice.
  • The lack of pain, bruising in most cases.
  • High security.


  • High cost.
  • Can occur in burn injuries, which can quickly.
  • Reduced concentration on the day of surgery (cannot drive a car or engage in other activities that require concentration).

In the United States, the radio frequency ablation is used much less frequently than the laser photocoagulation. This is due to the high cost is almost equal results. Coagulation gives you a greater percentage of the total disappearance of the veins thanks to the introduction of a new generation laser, which is higher efficiency, absence of hematoma.

Radical methods

The onset of thrombophlebitis, eczema, trophic ulcers sclerotherapy, and other procedures bezoperatsionnye that later. In this case, the doctor probably resort to surgical methods, combining them with sclerotherapy.

Many clinics offer high-tech micro-surgical methods, removal of the patient's blood vessels to minus trauma (possible to make a small incision to remove the patient's vein), don't let scars, scars, the short-term (40 minutes after the patient at home).

In the opinion of phlebology, fear of varicose veins removal is not affected. Blood dilated veins a serious risk to your health. After the elimination of the circulation in normal, healthy veins removal of excess load.

In summary, the article about the modern methods of treatment of varicose veins offer the Test. The answers to questions no more than 5 minutes, but it allows you to identify the symptoms of varicose veins on your legs, the extent of the risk.