Folk remedies, vitamins against varicose veins

But this is completely contrary to the efficiency. What tools can be successfully applied to combat varicose veins?

treatment of varicose veins at home

The leeches against varicose veins

The leeches, though ugly creatures, but very useful. Use them against varicose veins. Why is it so valuable to the leeches? The saliva, as it turns out, contains, in the composition of many substances, which have the ability to activate many processes in the body. The saliva of leeches were used in ancient times to the body to disperse blood clots, called thrombi. In addition, if you have high blood viscosity, a large amount of the veins of leeches, it is essential to drain the blood and remove the excess.

Interesting fact: a leech, a hour channel to 15 ml of blood. Then shit was gone from the body. But that's not all. After the leech bite, or fall down the hole, which is formed, another follows to 15 ml of blood. This allows you to expand the microscopic blood vessels in which blood flow to other organs, tissues.

The leeches against cramps, convulsions

Treatment with leeches (hirudotherapy) is a great antidote to spasms of the vessels in the fight with high blood pressure, swelling of the legs. Leeches help restore circulation, they ensure that the blood flow increases, nourishes the internal organs and tissues. This is an excellent prevention of varicose veins.

The leeches contributed to the to help reduce the risk of errors, the walls of the blood vessels to create normal blood clotting, thanks to them, the body is pure poison.

Contraindications to the use of leeches

And, if there are contraindications? Of Course, Yes. This reduction of blood clotting, increased bleeding, including gums, anemia, pregnancy, very strong, thin, fast metabolism, individual intolerance to leeches, as well as the status of the pregnancy. It is also impossible to put on leeches, and that the children are very elderly people, especially in the weakened body.

The leeches should not be the places where the skin is very thin, is harmful to the skin, blood vessels below. So it's not a leech directly on the ship, especially if this ship is the affected walls.

The best point of the leeches

Doctor (doctor who caters to the leeches) will tell you that the what point is best to the leeches. These are the best, where, according to the canons of Eastern medicine, the meridians. The leeches was more effective, you need a combination of massage, self massage, physical therapy against varicose veins.

Vitamins that strengthens blood vessels


The ships were strong, durable, you need to nourish them not only outside but inside. Vitamin in sufficient quantity also helps to resist the formation of blood clots, normalizes the blood flow in the veins, arteries.

Vitamin rutin (P vitamin) is a great tool, which reduces the permeability of the vessel wall and restoring strength, elasticity. Vitamin P reduces capillary fragility, through which the blood circulates. This vitamin is in abundance contains the following products:

  • Wild rose;
  • Black currant berries;
  • Citrus;
  • Green tea;
  • Aronia.

You know, the P-vitamin in the body is best absorbed in conjunction with other vitamin C reinforce each other in the body. The gel-based routine is very good to smear them affect the varicose veins return. These two methods will help you manage the swelling of veins that has been very well occur under the skin of the feet. Gel routine from the composition, for example, Caffeine reduces the inflammation in the veins, reduces the permeability, to relieve the distorted parts of the veins.

The seeds of the horse chestnut

It is also a great folk remedy for varicose veins. You can prepare a tincture chestnut seeds, in the Gulf of mexico, or the putting into service of alcohol a week to load, and then smear the affected places varicose veins on your legs.

If the body enough vitamin, the person's muscles are weak, the feet lose their sensitivity, or lose it from time to time, the skin of the feet can burn and limbs often swell. Food, vitamin products composition helps to fight against these phenomena.

A lot of b vitamins in the yeast, legumes, cereals, meat birds, the pigs, the lot of the liver, whether beef or pork, and beer. Medicines, foods vitamin a helps to strengthen artery walls, improve the tone of blood vessels and the entire body, help in pain in the legs.

When a person establishing the disease in the blood flow in the veins, the vitamin products prescribed 2-3 times a day for a month.

Vitamin B5, or pantoténsav

If the body is not enough pantoténsav, people have to pain in the legs, cramps in the calf muscles, especially cramps can occur at night, which is especially dangerous to the human nervous system. It threatens to diseases of the skin, inflammation of the veins. To replenish the body of vitamin B5, you have to buy a lot of peanuts, liver, eat sprouted grain cereals of grain, the bran, eat boiled chicken egg yolk, broccoli, meat.

But you should know that the B5 vitamin is very unstable. Quickly destroyed, if food – source – heat, bring to a boil, don't move. Vitamin B5 also, if the cereals, the contents of the grinding.

If a person has varicose veins, your doctor may order up to 250 mg B5-vitamin (pantoténsav) 2 times a day.

Vitamin C (askorbinku)

This vitamin is very good for strengthening vein walls of blood vessels. Ascorbic acid helps the body fight colds, bacteria, viruses. Since the vitamin C in the body much better supplied with blood is a vital element – iron.

Lack of vitamin C leads to the destruction of the walls of the blood vessels, capillaries, quickly formed the wounds bad, and severe wounds to heal. To upload your iron deficiency, to effectively compete with varicose veins, you need to take the rose hips, citrus fruits, peppers, tomatoes, watermelon, sea-buckthorn, currant, and mountain ash. If a person has already formed ulcers, it vitamin C you need every day no less than 2 grams.

Vitamin A (retinol)

Thank you for the vitamin in the cells, the walls of the vessels are preserved much better blood vessels more durable, vessels leak blood. Vitamin A is a very good healing wounds, trophic ulcers in the final stage of varicose veins.

Vitamin A can be taken with cantaloupe, liver, spinach, cabbage, carrots, milk, fresh yellow peach. The dose is strictly for the pharmacy, drug specific, because you need to see a doctor for the purpose of optimal doses of vitamin A, or retinol.

Vitamin E or tocopherol

This vitamin is very good for the protection of the cell membrane, as well as the confrontation, the organization of the bacteria, viruses. If the body is lacking tocopherol, the muscles of the legs weaken, the muscles may lose its shape, the atrophy, the person starts to experience difficulty while walking, as well as reduces the sensitivity of the foot. So, when a lack of vitamin E in people, weakens the reflexes, for example the reaction to the heat, the cold, or the slow movement. I also may not be sensitive to vibration. For example, riding a horse.

Vitamin E can be obtained from vegetable oils: sunflower, corn, oils, cotton, a lot of tocopherol, and then in the peanuts, margarine, almonds, sunflower seeds. These products should be used vein health leg muscles.

Of course, these vitamins the health of the veins and good blood flow will not be enough – you need more sodium, potassium, omega fatty acids, zinc, copper. Then, the human diet is rich, this is a great prevention against the wiles of the varicose veins.

Delicious recipes Walker

Dr. Walker is an American nutritionist, who created a system to combat diseases of the foot, especially the veins. Recommended treatment use the juice, but it's not a store, natural, fresh. Fruit juices are a huge advantage to food: absorbed immediately after they have drunk, you have a very positive effect on all body systems. Especially in the blood and into the bloodstream. What juices are best to treat your varicose veins?

Carrots spinach

You need to have 6 pieces of spinach juice and 10-parts carrot juice. An excellent tool against tumors legs, leg ulcers, the metabolism of the tissues, weakness, loss of strength. The juice is very useful for the appropriate time to reduce the blood vessels, helps to strengthen the muscles, the veins, the muscles of the legs.

Carrots, celery, and the company

You need to carrot juice to 7 parts of celery juice – 4 parts of spinach juice with 3 parts juice, the parsley – 2 parts. These juices should be mixed, then drink. To help you reduce the swelling, due to the large amount of sodium in the celery will help the blood circulate more rapidly through the vessels, because the carrot. Parsley is a very good tool to against bacteria (before the treatment of diseases of the genital tract), as well as prevent cramps. Juice - it strengthens blood vessels, reduces the fragility.

Carrot, beet, cucumber

The juices of these vegetables is very good to combat varicose veins. You need to carrot juice – 10 pieces, beet juice, 3 parts cucumber juice – 3 parts. This mix contains a lot of vitamins, mineral substances, necessary for healthy veins.

There, sodium, calcium, potassium, chlorine, phosphorus, it helps to normalize blood pressure, strengthens the blood circulation, to stronger, the walls of the blood vessels. Beets is usually very good, in order to reduce the risk of blood clots forming – the ability to thin the blood. Thrombophlebitis – is an indispensable ingredient.

Carrots, turnips and other useful vegetables

To prepare this soup you need a whopping 4 ingredients. It's the carrot – 8 pieces juice of spinach – 4 parts orange juice, turnip – 2 parts orange juice, watercress 2 parts. In this juice blend, what's in there: sulfur, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium.

These ingredients easily dissolves blood clots – blood clots and promote good blood flow. If blood clots still, it's the mixture of the fruit juices are essential in the prevention of the formation.

If a person is lack of oxygen, the mixture of these juices makes up for the lack of oxygen when tissue hypoxia. It is important to prepare this juice mix is used for the beets, and the green leaves – a lot of vitamins. And the carrot's green tops in the end, it is also useful if the fruit juice mixture. This will improve the effect, fruit juices, under the condition that the veins, varicose veins.

Traditional recipes for varicose veins

In order to effectively treat varicose veins, you can use the forces of nature. For a man it is important to treat those plants that the women of the country – such plants is better absorbed in the body and help in the fight against diseases in the blood vessels.



Reduces the damage caused to the organism, trophic ulcers, how to use this recipe. This will help with the phlebitis, varicose veins, the appearance of trophic ulcers, particularly ulcers that form on the tibia.

You need to make the crust peanut (peanut), as well as the leaves, all crushed in equal parts. 1 tablespoon of this mixture pour 1 Cup boiling water and set to cool, the ever – within an hour. Then a fourth Cup of 3 times a day, before meals.

Horse chestnut

Made preparations, to help the blood clot more slowly, thanks to the chestnut strengthens the walls of the veins, reduces inflammation, inflammation of the muscles, joints, particularly the calf, is it a good product, as well as against varicose veins.

How to cook it? You need to 50 grams of fruit or flowers of horse chestnut (chopped), let them Bay 0.5 liters of vodka or alcohol. 14 days let stand in a warm place in the dark. There's a secret that the drink was better, they should talk to 1 time a day. A tincture of horse chestnut can be 3-4 times a day. The course of treatment is 1 month. After this, the person feels much better.

Preparations of horse chestnut is used even in the treatment of complications of varicose veins.


This humble plant is very good to help your varicose veins. You need to be a Kalanchoe, which is not less than a year. Wash the leaves, a day in the fridge, and then slice them up, fill a mug halfway. Wash off the vodka so that it covers Kalanchoe 2 fingers. Let the infusion stand for 2-3 days in a cool, dark place. Then, he rubbed his legs at night. Very well help varicose veins – venous nodes is much smaller, the veins, it seems not so swollen.