Treatment of varicose veins without surgery

In the early stages of the disease varikoznoi you can do without surgery and the use of other treatment methods. This will allow the patient to significantly improve the situation and to stop the progression of the disease. Treatment varikoza without surgery is used in case surgical intervention for any reason contraindicated.

varicose veins

When you can do without surgery?

Is it possible to get rid of varicose veins without surgery? That, in the case when there are indications for this treatment to be effective.

Treatment of varicose veins without surgery is indicated in these cases:

  • in the initial stage of the disease;
  • absolute contraindications for surgical treatment (blood diseases, diabetes, etc.);
  • pregnancy;
  • complications of varicose veins, in which it is impossible to carry out the procedure.

The main methods of treatment without surgery

How to treat varikoz without operation? Different, the proper treatment is prescribed based on the severity of the condition, comorbidities, duration of disease, the sensitivity of the organism, etc ..

The main methods of treatment of varicose veins without surgery include kompressionnuyu therapy, leech therapy, the use of medicines, mikroflebektomiyu, fitoterapiyu. New treatments for varicose veins is laser photocoagulation and sclerotherapy. Although the cost of modern methods is quite high, as a result of the procedures is very good.

kompressionnaya therapy

Compression socks are used as an independent and as an additional medicine for the treatment of varicose veins. For these purposes, use special socks, socks or socks with different compression or elastic bandage.

compression socks

Compression socks varies depending on the degree of "compression" on the 4 classes:

  • it is used as prevention and in the initial stage of the disease;
  • with more severe symptoms of varicose veins;
  • use in the presence of the nodes and of the expressed venous "tracks";
  • used for severe varicose veins.


The essence of the method consists in introducing into the affected vessel, particularly a solution that "glues" the vein and destroys the inner lining of the affected vessels.

skleroterapiyu often used in combination with other bezoperacionnymi methods of treatment varikoza. Effective method for large extensions of vessels and the development of thrombophlebitis.

Treatment with leeches

Leech therapy is very effective method in the varikozno expanded veins. This method prevents further progression of the disease, improves blood flow in the vessels and reduces puffiness.

For the procedure use only special medical leeches. They inject into the bloodstream a lot of useful substances: enzymes, anticoagulants, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients, anesthetics.

Pills from varikoza

Medication in pill form used for treatment varikoza alone or in combination with other methods (local, compression hosiery). Often receive several major groups of medicines: flebotoniki, corticosteroids, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, derivatives of aspirin, agents that prevent the formation of blood clots.

Regular consumption of pills helps to increase the tone of blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation and limfoottoka, reduce swelling and inflammation.

Laser treatment varikoza

Laser treatment has many advantages, which is confirmed by reviews of the patients. When the laser impact on the affected vessels in the skin without seams or grooves, without the pain and discomfort during the procedure does not require a long recovery period, it is not necessary to stay in the hospital after the procedure.

laser treatment

Laser treatment is a thermal influence on blood cells that occur at the "Vienna zapaivaetsya" and quits. During the procedure, the doctor inserts the laser the vessel is led, which coagulates the damaged area of the vessel.

Preventive measures

As a preventive maintenance varikoza and secure the result after the treatment is to listen to these tips:

  • struggling with excess weight;
  • don't forget about moderate physical activity, to avoid stagnation of blood in the legs;
  • normalize your daily routine, leave plenty of time for relaxation and sleep;
  • spend self-massage of the legs;
  • follow the diet or follow the rules of proper nutrition;
  • ditch unhealthy habits;
  • wear comfortable clothing and footwear, avoid high heels;
  • do not visit baths and saunas, if you are prone to varikozy.

Adherence to these simple principles will help you maintain the health of your blood vessels.