Compression underwear varicose veins

Compression underwear varicose veins, and what better to buy for women, how to wear it properly, as well as the reviews of the people. Why you need to choose. Options knit, a lot, today the choice is great, including tights, stockings, socks for women and men. If you are diagnosed with varicose veins, it is recommended to wear to prevent the special knit – don't give up.

Compression underwear varicose veins: which is the better


At the beginning of the disease people often miss, or not give due importance. Many hold the erroneous opinion, that the pathology only in the elderly. But according to medical statistics, I don't. The average age of patients was in the range from 25 to 45 years. There are among them both women and men.

The reason that the development of the disease, regardless of age:

  1. Long, daily load on the feet.
  2. Overweight, obesity – an increased load on the lower limbs.
  3. Pregnancy.
  4. Genetic predisposition.

The appearance of the constant pain, and pain in the legs, swelling, heavy leg feeling, burning sensation in the projection of the vein, detection of venous stars, combined with the risk factors you need to think about the presence of the stage.

The patients are aware that the disease in the first or in the second stage. To preserve health or preserve much better the prevention of disease rather than to treat already running stage.

Stage of varicose veins

Different authors interpret differently the number of stages in the course of the disease. Let's look at the next option.

  • in the initial stage. Symptoms are good, too. To understand that develops the pathology is possible, if you are attentive to the condition. At this stage, it is possible to achieve a positive result prevention. Very good massage, easy running, a local application creams. The patients complain about the difficulty, pain, pain in the legs, swelling of the evening, that disappears after breakfast rest. These symptoms are often to blame for fatigue.
  • in the first stage. The further development of the disease is connected to the venous sample. Translucent through the skin spider veins, knots of blood vessels. The patients complain of cramping, burning sensation in the leg.
  • in the second section. Increased venous sample, the number of elements increases. The star or the plot is different as to immediately draw attention to themselves. At the end of the day after loading of the foot displayed a pronounced swelling. Foot pain or tired of the characters through with great difficulty.
  • in the third section. In the absence of treatment, as well as further development of the process join eating disorders of the foot skin. Seems to be dry, cracks, pigmentation. Venous nodes will be more. Smaller injuries to break with the subsequent formation of ulcers. It is recommended to use the special medical compression garments varicose veins. In the future, if ineffective treatment or lack of develop severe, life-threatening complications.

Noticed that the symptoms of the second and third stages, you should immediately seek specialized medical help should be assigned to the appropriate and effective treatment. At any stage of the possible development of serious complications which endanger not only the legs but the whole body.

Many women complain of swollen legs. Similar can be observed the suffering in the overweight people. Often the swelling can be very painful. In fact, starting to suffer, circulatory system. Because of the increased heart function blood pressure to rise even more.

The swelling is not always associated with the consumption of large quantities of liquid. The reasons for the appearance of trauma is enough. I don't always find the time to predict.

Often swelling of the ankle. These symptoms could indicate a possible heart failure. The young legs will swell, if the infringement of the vascular tone.

Shoes – one of the main reasons why there is a swelling. We recommend that you refrain from wearing shoes with a thin heel. Dangerous shoes with completely flat soles. Should have a small heel. The feet be comfortable in the shoes, there's no shame, especially when walking.


Regulates the amount of fluid consumed daily. Tonight, there is a need to limit yourself to water, tea. The extra fluid will help to bring the herbal tea. The perfect effect of the fruit of the elderberry. The varices may be used to compress the leaves of the elderberry.

Hire charges of plants. Dry horsetail, birch buds. Collection pour boiling water, heated in a water bath, and then injected. Made within 21 days, after meals.

The swelling can be treated with the help of the plant Astragalus. Thanks to him, from the circulatory system back to normal. Astragalus take two weeks. Don't forget about the massage and foot bath. Previously, the water dissolves the sea salt, it helps the feet to relax.

The procedures to add the execution of the gymnastic exercises. You need the right foot to the left of the socks. Then the socks have to stand two feet with a little jump. The toes need to bend and straighten. This simple exercise will be a good prevention of edema, and prevention of diseases.

A great way to get rid of edema and stagnation of the blood is to wear compression clothes: tights, stockings, socks.

This special underwear varicose veins you have to fight. Pantyhose or stockings will squeeze your feet, depending on the choice of such a Jersey, the pressure of the foot will be different. Before the application of therapeutic stockings, consult a doctor to help you choose the appropriate setting, depending on the level of development of the disease.

The process by which sheets will be the pressure which the blood will be what saves the stagnation of a place. Several classes of compression underwear.

In the initial stages of the development of the disease is applied, and worn for the first class you will play is an excellent example of how the prevention.

If after the start of treatment and was a more advanced level, a useful bound for the second class, which can be discharged only for medical help. Pay attention to the type of Jersey you want to wear. These can be pantyhose or stockings. It all depends on the damaged areas of the disease.

How to wear compression underwear

Such underwear buy only the drugstore or in specialized shops. It is not necessary to purchase a Jersey on the street or in the market. You don't need to be-stocking the friends or relatives, you can be losing properties. Material selection plays a very big role. The fabric should be flexible.

Knitwear there are a few ways of mating. Circular knit seams without considered to be the best, the most flexibility. Such a dense, circular to achieve the best results. Here knitted mesh (flat) might not be comfortable, because you scratch, the discomfort.

If you think that this Jersey will, among other things, don't worry. Nothing special, I don't notice that all the correct level, not problems do not arise.

We must not think, if the lingerie, coped with the problem. Before use, you need to learn how to pick it up. Like some time in the next ten minutes, and then lay down on the floor, then lift the foot slightly higher.

Good grip in hand to the very tip of the stocking, and slowly wear until the end of the leg. The women with this problem can't be, and so perfectly knows that stockings.

These products are sold only in specialized pharmacies or medical stores. The Jersey is divided into several classes, each class of other help, and compression. Only a specialist will help you determine the compression ratio, and then select the appropriate product.

Especially in the summer, it wasn't off the hot period, there is an additional burden on the veins.

In hot weather such a little to relieve the pressure, as well as to the stockings or high socks. Do rhythm, we don't. In any case, such an underwear stops the further development.

How many read the information about tights, stockings or socks. The only difference is that the size of the length. Stockings completely covers the legs of the stomach. Stocking only the top leg, leg warmers up to the knee. For example, there is a vein located below the knee, then you need tights.

If you buy


If you are pregnant, in this case forward to protect the feet the appearance of varicose veins, buy stockings. Stockings fully protect the leg to the abdomen. There are varicose veins or not, in any event, this is a great way of prevention. It's okay, I don't get it, to protect herself from further development. Special compression stockings in pregnant women is similar to the traditional stocking. All the muscles of the abdomen, will be fixed. Thus, any disruption in the purchase do not arise.

The extra sweat will not appear, stockings, breath through the material. You can wear them in the winter, summer time. How many pregnant women do not use such tights, there were no complaints. Belly of the summer was wet due to the sweat, in the winter, on the contrary, it's still warm. The special fabric gives you warm, it hurts.

Of course, that discomfort, and one reason only. The connection with the increase in the abdomen, don't forget to buy new underwear. The tights stretch themselves, depending on the size of the organisation.


Now it is very fashionable and attractive to wear, so the women and the men, too. Yes, men also prefer to wear better hosiery, like tights. These tights are also suitable only if the affected veins below the knee.

There are pregnant women who don't trust the invoice, or rather I was afraid of them, because the safety of the child. They start to look at those tights. The men feel uncomfortable the stockings more stockings.

There are several types:

  1. Standard, closed toe, stockings reached almost to the bottom.
  2. Stockings in the elastic.
  3. A latch.
  4. Standard, open toes.

Before you decide that an adequate stocking, it is important to choose, try to consult a doctor, phlebologist. The doctor will help you determine the level of the disease, and then select the appropriate underwear, depending on the pressure.

Socks, tights

The knee doctors recommend against fighting, the prevention of the disease. If the affected veins in the lower part of the leg, the knee is perfect. If it bothers you, stockings, uncomfortable with the movement (especially the male sex), socks get rid of this problem.

You have to be careful, not everything is so simple, it's beautiful as it seems at first glance. Be sure to ask the doctor. If the affected vein is growing up, the knee can't be helped.

The question how to pick up a healing knee, depends on the doctor's recommendations. Look at the affected areas when the lower part of the legs, knee socks varicose veins for you.

Antivarikozny Jersey to help in the fight. Use in addition to existing creams, gels enhance the prevention and the treatment itself.

Compression underwear varicose veins certainly to use, choose yourself which one is better, what fits. How to wear appreciate the friends, doctors help in the decision. Buy women and men at any time a special store, or pharmacy, you can also order via the Internet.