The benefits and harm pression stockings, varicose veins

Data device gained wide popularity among the patients suffering from chronic venous insufficiency, probably every vascular surgeon assigns them to the different data. Stockings easy to use. Often different from the ordinary tights. But these products are so safe? Is it harmful to wear compression stockings, to understand. Compression stockings on a fabric base, often of synthetic origin (e.g., polyamide), and the elastic fibers (elastane). Manufacturer invented the different types of yarn weaving, as well as the ratio of the components, which have achieved various degrees of compression of the lower limbs. Stockings can be administered for preventive or therapeutic purposes quam varicose veins disease, chronic venous insufficiency, pregnancy, surgical intervention after vein thrombosis of the lower limbs. compression of varicose veins

The type of pression stockings

Every company produces men's and women's underwear variety. The second can be added into the lace or pattern. Also, you can choose accordingly tsvetotipu the patient's skin. The manufacturers take into account that people have different height and weight. This five size in tights. To determine whether you need to change a couple of parameters: the circumference of the tibia at the place where the largest diameter, circumference, the thigh, the middle third of the length from the beginning of the Shin to the knee, and the distance from the heel to the groin. Further, a special table is determined by the size of the tights (XS, S, M, L, LX, XL). But the main classification is the division according to the degree of compression, which requires the canvas to the lower limb. Several classes of compression underwear:
  1. Preventive pressure to the limb in the range of 18 mm Hg. the article This is mainly to prevent the formation of varices quam disease groups, individuals with that predisposition. For overweight patients, pregnant women, or people whose work is related to excessive load on the legs.
  2. The first class of the compression — compression level of 19-22 mm Hg. article Used in the initial stage quam varicose disease. Effective help for the syndrome of "tired" feet, Superba, tiny varicose veins in the lower extremities wrapped up.
  3. The second class pressure of about 23-32 mm Hg. the article only uses the doctor. The signal of a pathological condition involving chronic venous insufficiency, but the lack of the trophic changes in the skin.
  4. Third grade — compression 33-45 mm Hg. article to use them, you need to get the recipe of the doctor, than to buy simply in a drugstore, these tights are impossible. Therapeutic indications: the expressed trophic disorders, lymphostasis, thrombosis in the deep veins of the lower limbs, posttrombofleboticheky syndrome.
The latter is the fourth class — level above 45 mm Hg. article, or rarely used, only in the hospitals, clinics, under the supervision of a doctor.

The mechanism of action of the products

quam varicose disease, which affects mainly the veins of the lower limbs. Occurs when a strong stretching of the veins due to the reduction in flexibility of the walls. Latest information: migrant's thrombophlebitis: symptoms, treatment The valves, located on the inner side, the vessels lose the ability to completely block the lumen of the blood begins to flow in the opposite direction. This, in turn, starts the process even more stretching of the venous wall. Lower extremities to refill the blood, and the surface of the skin begins to talk, quam varices dilated veins. Gradually, the liquid does not leak through the vessels and penetrates into the surrounding tissue. Thus, in patients with edema. crassus blood to form blood clots inside blood vessels or embolization away from the primary tumor thrombosis. These member states a debate-minas consequences. The formation causes of chronic venous insufficiency are:
  • hereditary factors;
  • pathology of the cardiovascular system;
  • flat feet;
  • curvature of the spine;
  • uncomfortable shoes, especially high heels;
  • spending a long time in a sitting position;
  • standing work;
  • humilis test lifestyle.
Progression and to prevent the varicose veins quam disease, surgeons prescribe the patient is wearing tights. Through pressure, which provides the product of the legs, occurs, the artificial narrowing of the blood vessels.
Under pressure to improve the function of the valve device there is no regurgitation of the blood.

Useful properties of pression stockings

The benefits and harm pression stockings depends primarily on the fact that the designated doctor compression class, as well as the patient recommendations for use. Scientists have conducted studies and meta-analyses, which have proven to be medical stockings are effective in chronic venous insufficiency. Tights implemented a number of useful features to squeeze the lumen of the veins and prevents the development of quam varices in pregnant women. In addition, reduces the swelling of the lower limbs, and improves the lymph. Also, compression stockings:
  1. to prevent the development of infectious diseases of the foot;
  2. improves skin trophism;
  3. warn sanguinem, skin, mouth, thrombophlebitis;
  4. to reduce the risk of pulmonary embolism;
  5. to relieve pain, cramps in the legs;
  6. to prevent the likelihood of formation of trophic ulcers;
  7. improve the post-operative period.
Recommendations after the removal of leg veins: what not to do in rehab? In addition, the stocking, the benefits of other types of compression underwear. For example, elastic bandage requires special skills to use. They can slide during the day, that brings discomfort to the patient. Also, bandages do not always fit the style of clothing, especially if the patient needs to work in an office, a certain form. Stockings, no different from normal clothes, it is very easy to use.

The damage compression underwear

Definitely medical stockings useful product, but still on the negative side, it may harm the patient. The damage the compression stockings in quam varices may occur in the not proper use. If the wrong choice is the degree of pressure of the foot can be signs of tissue ischemia. The patient may feel limb numbness, pain or discomfort or pain. If the compression is low, the effect of the treatment. Therefore, before using medical stockings, you should consult a vascular surgeon. Long stay pedules depends on the degree of chronic venous insufficiency. For example, in the third stage, quam varicose veins disease the product recommended to be worn continuously, even during sleep. Often there are such complications: ischemia of the underlying tissue, décubitus instead of squeezing the incorrect dress, an allergic reaction to the material. Compression products are also hurt, if there are contraindications to use:
  • infectious diseases of the skin;
  • open wounds;
  • individual sensitivity to the materials of the product;
  • the wounds of the limbs;
  • burns;
  • the presence of the diabetic foot;
  • EXCISIO endarteriit;
  • heart failure decompensation.
But a larger number of patients to talk positively pression pedules. The result is remarkable even on the first day of use.
Also positive is the fact that a moderate value of the product. The average price of a stocking — 1500 rubles.

Rules for the use of pantyhose

A large part of the effect depends on the patient wearing a medical Jersey. You need to do in the morning before the patient intends to get out of bed. 10 minutes before, we recommend that you lift your feet off the platform, to ensure maximum blood flow. Then gradually worn linen, be sure to not evert, not develop the wrinkles, because these places will be an additional compression of the skin. To be worn all day. Latest information:the Stockings, the quam varices veins in the legs: the evaluation pression canvas In order to ensure that the product served, as long as you can, proper care. Medical stocking is prohibited to wash the machine-the machine, just hand washing. It is not recommended to use harsh cleaners, only soap allowed. Need to dry on a horizontal surface, avoiding excessive heat, radiation, and direct sunlight. Continuous stocking is folded in the extended state.