Varicose veins in men: causes of appearance, symptoms and background of therapeutic effect

Varicose veins occur in a significant number of men, and the answer to the question of how to treat varicose veins in men is based on understanding the causes of this phenomenon. Varicose veins and varicose veins are observed mainly in women, but disorders in the blood circulation in the lower extremities are also diagnosed in men. Moreover, pathology can occur in both young men and young men, even adolescents. An important role in the manifestation of this disease is due to genetic factors, as well as a number of provocative reasons, from unhealthy lifestyle to the presence of bad habits.

Declaration feature

Varicose veins are accompanied by significant pain in the lower extremities, veins bulging on the surface, swelling of the skin, cramps when sleeping at night. Varicose veins in men tend to appear on the outside of the legs and on other parts of the body: the upper extremities, abdomen, on the testicles. The method of influence in the diagnosis of this pathology depends on the localization of the venous nodes, the degree of neglect of the disease and the patient's age, the presence of parallel organic lesions.

the main manifestations of varicose veins in men

After identifying the disease and determining the stage of the pathological process, your doctor will tell you how to treat local leg varicose veins for men. However, understanding the cause of this phenomenon, identifying available provoking factors in a particular case will allow in the future to prevent the possibility of recurrence, reducing the manifestation of the disease. Varicose varicose veins manifested in both men and women have the same symptoms, so it will help you detect it from the beginning, this greatly facilitates the treatment process. And while the disease cannot be cured, the likelihood of improvement with a properly selected treatment regimen is quite high.

In addition to being located in the lower extremities, varicose veins of the urethra can be detected in men, causing a significant decrease in quality of life and prompt visits to a urologist. Painful urination, congestion in the genitals can be a sign of varicose veins on the genitals that develop in men. The listed manifestations of varicose veins are very dangerous with serious consequences that have extremely bad effects on the sex life of men.

Why is varicose veins in men dangerous

The main danger of developing varicose veins in men is a strong negative effect on the entire circulatory system, a high likelihood of developing venous pathologies. Varicose veins in men are also characterized by a lack of concern for their own health by men, which sometimes leads to irreversible consequences in the circulatory system. According to medical statistics, about 85-92% of diagnosed cases of varicose veins in men lead to more serious problems in the legs, including this pathology, which is due to lack of proper attention. to the extent of my own health.

Understanding the dangers of varicose veins, which develop in both the legs of men and women, allows you to detect even small deviations from the norm in time: the appearance ofswelling of the skin, swelling of the veins on the surface of the epidermis, the formation of nodes from the veins, painful pressure. In the early stages of the pathological process, it is more likely that unpleasant sensations will be eliminated for a short time and without a pronounced negative effect on a man's health.

Cause of the disease

The most common causes of varicose veins in men are as follows:

the cause of varicose veins in men
  • genetic factors- with inherited genetic factors leading to sites of insufficient venous circulation, increased risk of varicose veinsup;
  • presence of bad habits- smoking, alcohol abuse, drug addiction are considered the number one enemy to the circulatory system;
  • inadequate physical activity,is ​​the result of blood stasis and, as a result, an increase in the size of the veins, which gradually lose their natural elasticity and form. buttons that protrude on the skin's surface;
  • sedentary lifestylecan also lead to problems with the flow of venous blood.

The reasons listed for the occurrence of varicose veins developing in the legs in men may be accompanied by provoking factors. These include tight shoes, a tendency to thrombosis, the presence of congenital blood circulation defects.

What symptoms do appear in patients

Signs of varicose veins in men depends on the stage of the disease. Therefore, for the early stages of the pathological process, the appearance of pain in the legs is characteristic, intensifying when in a prolonged upright posture, as well as with a sedentary, inactive lifestyle. physically needed. With the transition of the pathology to a later stage of development, the appearance of seizures is noted, which occurs in the legs mainly at night, significantly worsening sleep.

In addition, for the later stages of varicose veins, the appearance of nodes from the veins on the surface of the skin increases in size and may be painful to the touch. The symptoms of varicose veins in men may vary slightly, but the most common are leg soreness, skin surface veins, and night cramps. The deterioration in quality of life with the exacerbation of this pathology is mainly due to the symptoms, which strongly negatively affect the patient's emotions.

Effective treatment of varicose veins

Diagnostic options for varicose veins in men

Treatment of developed varicose veins in men may be prescribed by a vein specialist, taking into account these analyzes, examining the affected part of the body. If clear signs of varicose veins are found on it, the doctor will determine the extent of the pathology, prescribe the optimal treatment, allow to obtain a pronounced positive result and will maintainlong-term maintenance. However, without making routine lifestyle adjustments along with the elimination of bad habits and disease-causing factors, the long-term maintenance of even satisfactory treatment results is not possible.


The use of special preparations aimed at eliminating the delay in the movement of venous blood allows you to speed up the healing process and eliminate the most annoying manifestations of the disease. Their use is prescribed by a attending physician specialized in the treatment of diseases of the veins and general blood circulation.

Ointment for varicose veins that develops in the legs has been shown to be good. They help eliminate soreness of the affected area, stimulate active movement of blood through the veins and provide skin cell renewal.

In addition, the vein doctor prescribes the drug in the form of tablets to stimulate blood circulation, eliminate blockages in the skin and neighboring tissues. The exposure system is established by a physician taking into account the stage of the lesion, the prevalence of pathological changes and making adjustments to the prescribed treatment if necessary.

Invasive Treatment

Surgical treatment, which may be recommended when diagnosing terminal varicose veins, is performed only if there are indications: significant pathological changes in the tissue, protruding nodes out of the upper veinskin surface. The result of such an effect is almost always markedly positive, but it is quite painful.

Traditional medicine

Traditional proven treatments for varicose veins in men also help to eliminate the most obvious manifestations of the pathology. Drugs can be used independently only in the early stages of the disease, however, their highest effectiveness is noted when the combination of traditional medicine methods and drugs prescribed by a doctor.

Prevent and prevent recurrence

As a precaution, many vein experts recommend, first of all, to get rid of bad habits, and to make necessary adjustments to a normal lifestyle. Getting adequate physical activity, good nutrition, and regular doctor's visits will help prevent varicose veins from recurring.

Men's medical blouses are widely used in cases where varicose veins are found. With varicose veins, support stockings are used, which are invisible and do not cause discomfort for the patient. Your doctor will help you to simply choose such a variation of medical and supportive clothing, ensure the active movement of blood, eliminate stagnant places.