Treatment of varicose veins in men

Varicose veins in the legs, men are often ignored. Maybe it's going to hurt the young men of the age. According to the statistics every 4. men 40 years of age suffer from venous disease.

The difficulty lies in the fact that the men in the crowd, and the pain in the foot disorder is not considered suffer to the last. Go to the doctor, when to begin the varicose veins in the legs after the first or second stage. In a person's life, a special burden falls on the lower limbs. In the blood, the vein saphenous enters the deep vein of the venous system with many tributaries, run to the heart.

The process is disturbed, the venous valves, to ensure adequate blood flow to the legs, become weak. The back flow of blood increases the pressure on veins, the veins swell, and begin the varicose veins. The result is the veins, ugly blue node of the leg.

Suffering from illness the men, the women, according to the statistics, men are less. Often you can find disease of the large veins of the lower limbs circulatory changes in the legs, genitals, especially the testicles, groin — that's the whole varicose veins the men. Causes of varicose veins many. Factors:

varicose veins
  1. Symptoms, disorders of the hormonal system.
  2. The load on the body.
  3. Mass.

Often the beginning of disease is a thin spider veins. Appear large varicose veins, the patient complains of pain, cramps in the calf muscles, legs, fatigue, malaise. The complaints appear in the evening, after work. The disease is constantly progressing. Complications of neglected varicose veins are very difficult.

The pressure in the veins may be high, the surrounding tissues ceases to be supplied with oxygen and nutrients. Clinically manifested dark, thickened skin eczema appearance, strong itching. A complication of diseases, trophic ulcers, long-term cure of the skin.

At the beginning of varicose hard not to notice. First, the development of the disease a lot of annoying cosmetic error. The disease is threatening thrombosis, the result of a heart attack or stroke. The longer you postpone treatment, no reference is made to the professionals, the more costly the treatment of the disease.

Varicose veins in men should immediately. The point is not that the progression of the disease. If you neglect the treatment, delay, this leads to stagnation phenomena, and the formation of blood clots, then the greater the complications, and the occurrence of thrombophlebitis. The skin at the site of the swelling of blood vessels appear, non-healing ulcers. The men later seek medical help, thereby triggering the disease.

Men's cosmetic care factor less in the face of the beautiful half of bulging veins do not attach sufficient attention. But, as already mentioned, varicose veins can also affect the groin.

Testes – gonads in males, can serve two important functions the production of testosterone the most important male sex hormone and the function of spermatogenesis. In other words, functions for the implementation of the sperm. Testicles, or, as a body of men, which, taken to the outside. Varicose veins between the man's legs, what to do, how to heal, so it's not worth the surgery.


The Greek word 2 roots and means that the advanced vein and the tumor. The disease frequently suffer from boys in adolescence. The world of medicine using surgical practice for the treatment of the disease is extremely rare, except, if the pain, or the fact of underdevelopment of the testicle. To diagnose the presence of disease, like varicose veins, the testicles by the modern ultrasonic equipment. With the help of ultrasound test not only to identify the presence, but also to establish the cause. Often, the tumor of the kidney, because the varicose veins in the testicles. The tumor compressing the vein, the kidney and prevent the blood flow to the veins of the testes, which are connected to the veins in the kidney.

Causes, consequences

As a result, the blood stagnates, you start to develop varicose veins in the testicles. The reason for this is that a health institution, the consultation may be enlargement of the scrotum. May occur due to varicose veins, as well as increase the spermatic cord. Varicose veins can happen with acute pain syndrome.

It is associated with the development of thrombosis, or due to rupture of fine blood vessels, which is the reason for the surgery.

Because of disturbed blood flow, the increased pressure in the veins, which, in turn, does not cause significant temperature increases in the scrotum. The result is a male gland of the pen to be heated and produced, the sperm lose the ability to fertilize.
Signs of varicose veins in the testicles

In the initial stage of varicose veins in the testicles hidden flows, to the diagnosis, I'm not a specialist, it is very difficult. In the early stage of the disease is hidden, doesn't prove itself. In the initial stage doctors latent. Specifies that the disease is only possible ultrasonic method.

Just time observed a slight thickening of the veins, if the patient is in an upright position. In the supine position bulges barely noticeable. Thus, to detect varicose veins in the testes in the early stages, without the ultrasound, without the sample Valsalva, is almost impossible.


I have to recognize, to accept that the organization you cope with this disease is not a condition but today, medicine is successfully used in practice, the following treatment methods:


The first method is sclerotherapy which consists in injecting into a vein a special drug sclerosant. Can over growing the distance from the ship. The manipulation under local anesthesia, virtually pain-free. After its completion, the patient is sent home.


The second method is acupressure, which conduct special hardware massage, wearing special compression underwear.


The third method of medical treatment which improves blood circulation, improves the general condition of the venous walls.


The fourth method is embolization, which is injected into the vein, the catheter embolization spirals. The spiral, however, cutting off the blood supply. The peculiarity of this method is to conduct every operation in the body of the patients without a single incision, no postoperative scars of the organization less and less relapse.

The spiral is inserted in the flexible metallic lead, lead vein in the thigh through a puncture in the right thigh. Then, the lower inferior Vena cava, left renal vein. Embolization under local anesthesia.

The fifth method is the surgical intervention. Does not replace all previous methods primarily be used to the consistency of the eggs, while reducing the size, male infertility, or pain in the scrotum, while increasing physical activity. Currently successfully applied in practice, more than 100 methods of surgical treatment.

fascia elastic of

After the examination the doctor depending on the patient's condition, which methods to apply in a given case. Some methods have strict restrictions on those patients who are diagnosed with serious chronic disease.


What is the method the doctor chose not to avoid procedures, such as ligation of the testicular vein for the purpose of modifying the blood flow. By the time the operation lasts for a long time, completely excluded large blood loss, recovery period, and the risk of infectious contamination.

Last round is commonly used for varicose veins treatment method within a vascular laser treatment. In the vein injected a special fibre, as well as the inside Vienna to solder. 2 hours after the surgery, the patient's own leg going home.

Compression underwear for men

Wearing compression underwear is one way to conservative treatment. Can be used as the required surgical treatment. Compression compression of the veins in some places, causing the blood to move not the superficial veins, deep, resulting in reduced puffiness, disappears the feeling of heaviness in the legs.

Compression underwear is made in such a way as to compress the limbs. A greater degree of flexibility, because of the design characteristics, so in the end, closely compressed, the legs strong, the top part is thinner, the pressure decreases. As a result, the valves are closed, the blood starts to leave quickly. The patient feels relief, reduces swelling, no heaviness in the limbs.

Medical lingerie, especially stocking's size, the circumference of the leg. The purchase of Jersey is not recommended, as produced on canvas, with a different degree of compression. If you buy lingerie, you have a weak degree of compression, that wouldn't be good.

In contrast, when not properly chosen, the compression of canvas will be difficult to over-tighten the leg, there is a danger that a lot of harmful to your health.

Apply to varicose veins, usually on canvas from 1 to 3 degrees compression. The form, the production may vary. Stockings, tights, socks. Wear this lingerie, you will need to make considerable efforts. The selection should be measured more in diameter, length of the schedule is missing the top of the compression smooth.

Without a prescription you can buy lingerie 1 class a preventive purpose. Use a canvas completely healthy people, but during the day, because of the circumstances experienced a significant load. Compression stockings are recommended to wear in the morning, no swelling of the legs, and then remove the night, at home.

Use this Jersey is desirable to people whose profession is associated with a static load. These include hairdressers, sellers, teachers, surgeons. Knitwear is often used by athletes under excessive physical load.

Both the prevention, and if varicose veins are already present, to cure using compression underwear is impossible. Canvas only improves quality, but reduces the proportion of possible complications before the surgery. Reduces the feeling of heavy legs, swelling of.

Knitwear should be applied in the postoperative period. There is a special hospital clothes. When purchasing compression stockings should pay attention to the quality of the purchased products.


Prevention of varicose veins simple and affordable. Need to lead a healthy lifestyle, walking, swimming, maintain the stable, wear comfortable shoes, preferably with orthopaedic insole, non-Smoking. Reasonably necessary, to alternative physical exertion. If the leader of the sedentary lifestyle or the load excessive load, then health.

In both cases, there is the risk of developing varicose veins. Harmful to sit in the posture beloved by all men, foot the foot. It is advisable to have the muscles toned, a contrast shower, not to abuse bath, sauna, eat the risk of developing varicose veins in males are reduced to zero.