What to do if sick veins in the legs: the treatment at home, the symptoms, the pain in the legs varicose

Varicose veins – a disease that will bring them not only unpleasant cosmetic defect in the form of spider veins of the disease in the early stages, swelling of the veins in later stages of the development but also the excruciating pain in the legs, usually worse in the evening.

In this article we will talk about how it manifests itself in pain in the legs, the varicose veins, the symptoms, the disease signs. Consider the question: what do I do if the patient's veins in legs treatment at home.

pain, varicose veins

Cause of the pain

This disease now affect every third woman and every fifth man. Basically, these are the people whose work involves physical activity or long stay while sitting or standing.

Many other reasons, such as genetic predisposition, obesity, etc. Pain in the legs, the varicose from the fact that the regular load or clamping, the vessels of the lower limb, the blood stagnates, stretched, deformed, blood circulation is disturbed. The deformed, painful.

As a result of the violation of the circulation in the surrounding tissue begins to accumulate the toxins, which are usually carried away by the blood to normal operation. The presence of these toxic substances start to develop nutritional changes. It is also a source of pain, who has varicose veins on your legs.

Important! To prevent the varicose veins is recommended for regular walks, for at least 20 minutes a day to do the exercises

The disease early stages, leg pain, weak, disturbed, or may not be observed.

But, if you don't pay attention to the appearance of the first symptoms, the pain that occurs in the future will only increase.

Doctors distinguish three stages in the development of varicose veins are characteristic of all painful sensations of the patient:

  • in the first stage, pain syndrome present, or very weak;
  • in the second stage, associated with pain, requiring relief;
  • in the third stage, the development of the pain, the varicose veins have already taken a severe suffering. Without the certificate you can't do it.

Often you can hear: the person, varicose veins— sore leg, what do I do? First, let's talk about the signs of the disease. And then the question, than remove the pain of varicose veins in the lower extremities?

The characteristics of

Pain in the legs varicose veins commonly occur in the region of the knee, below the knee, sometimes below the calf.

The nature of the painful sensations can be different – a permanent dolor, tingling, or sharp, burning cramps – depends on the extent of the disease, the load, and other factors.

The legs are also numb the result opprimendi vessels, for example, sedentary work. In some cases, severe pain accompanied by cramps.

Pain in the legs can be signs of other diseases, but the varicose veins of the lower limbs, characterized by certain symptoms:

  • the pain begins in the second half of the day, increasing in the evening;
  • the addiction, the power, the pain, the the the load intensity during the day;
  • the pain gets better when you lie down and raise your legs above heart level, thus ensuring that the outflow from the blood;
  • the pain is often worse when the person relax the muscles, for example before going to bed;
  • the pain won't stop you, after all stronger, and if not treated, this disease can lead to disability.
Attention! If night foot you whine that you can't sleep, the body temperature rises, it is possible that the suspect of a thrombosis. This disease is characterized by inflammation of blood vessels, blood clot formation, is in mortal danger.

How to relieve leg pain, varicose veins, or at least how to relieve foot pain, varicose veins? There are several methods of treatment, prevention.

pain, varicose veins treatment

Treatment: methods

The regular foot pain, especially if detected and other signals in the development of circulatory disorders, please contact the specialist dealing with the disease – phlebologist.

He will prescribe the necessary treatment, which can be:

  • medical pills, ointments, creams;
  • surgery;
  • the laser treatment;
  • support methods – compression garments, therapeutic exercises;
  • the traditional medicines.

If you have the question: is the varicose veins on your legs, what do I do? The answer — start with the treatment immediately.


Relieve your foot pain use pain medications available in all pharmacies without a prescription. But only temporarily relieve the suffering, treatment is not necessary, to a specialist.

Perhaps these drugs the doctor will prescribe, but indicates the dosage in all cases is recommended, necessary treatment or procedures.

Here is a list of the tools that can help temporarily relieve the pain:

  • the pills varicose veins to help relieve the pain, from moderate to strong, but there's nothing they can do against cramps. Quick effect of the drug such as diclofenac, ibuprofen, indomethacin, nimesulide. These active substances manufactured pipes in the form of creams, gels. Improve tone of the blood vessels, blood vessels phlebotonics administered to relieve pain, help you return to health to the blood vessels, as well as anticoagulants, thinning the blood to promote circulation. But the dosage and combination of medications will be recommended that only qualified personnel, as possible side effects;
  • preparations in the form of ointments, creams, gels, which has anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties.Pain, varicose veins on the legs differ only in the form of release, and the additional parts, the main active ingredient.This should be applied on clean skin, RUB massage movements, or just leave it to soak;
  • if the pain is very strong, maybe it's a spasm of the skin of the feet can cause any warming means to increase the speed of blood circulation . At the same time to take a pill for the pain.
pain, varicose veins treatment fluid
Tip: in order to prevent the malaise, pain in the legs, the varicose veins are advised to wear a compression garment, which prevents the lethargy, the blood of the lower limbs. For this purpose, suitable, elastic bandage.

The traditional methods

How to relieve pain of varicose veins at home? You can use traditional methods of treatment.

Together with medical medications, help, prescriptions, traditional medicine:

  • the affected area is recommended to attach the brush, hit the tab whitewashed cabbage;
  • rubbing of the skin, tinctures, horse chestnut prepared in the following manner: two hundred and fifty grams of vodka – fifty grams of chopped, peeled chestnut, leave for seven days from the light;
  • to help blend these fruits, the butter, oil, mix, then squeeze garlic ratio of two to one;
  • a cold poultice of apple cider vinegar. Gauze cloth dipped in vinegar, applied to the affected area, fascia. Leg, a compress should be kept on the raise.;
  • tincture of nutmeg rate: one liter of vodka – two hundred grams of crushed walnuts. Let stand for ten days. The solution is used to lubricate, then drink twenty drops / day;
  • compression of the heart;
  • the mixture of leaves of plantain, or wormwood (flowers, leaves), sour milk. Apply the gauze, primitive for a while. Usually three or four days the pain disappears;
  • compression of slurry raw grated potatoes, mix it for a few hours.

If you cannot remove the pain of the above funds, quickly and efficiently help the laser treatment. This procedure has no contraindications and restrictions finally, forty minutes later, the patient after the surgery immediately to work, to lead a normal lifestyle.

pain, varicose veins treatment folk methods
If the disease is already so far away, to save the pain, but the disability only to the surgery, the patient to the selected operation. Tiny incisions are made in the varicose node of the large vein saphenous in the leg is removed.

To get rid of the pain, of varicose veins of the lower extremities, is only possible under the direction of a doctor-phlebologist, you will perform the full complex of the prescribed treatment. Self-medication, use of painkillers varicose veins leads to the development of the more severe form of the disease.

I hope that was helpful, now I know you're hurting, varicose veins on the legs, to relieve the pain in the legs varicose veins.