Treatment of varicose veins, the legs,

Varicose veins in the legs

The veins of the lower limbs affects mind, the women, the mind of the men. There are various methods of treatment of varicose veins in the legs — conservative, surgical or folk music book from. Get rid of a problem need to have a profile section, the origin of the pathological process.

Varicose veins appear under the influence of disorder in a valve apparatus veins. A randomness, the flow of blood provokes congestion, stretching of the veins, and subsequent symptomatic manifestations: heaviness in the lower extremities, pain, cramps at night.

The first signs of education requires diagnostic tests, and assign the high possibility to cure the disease. Treatment depends on how big of a process, and the general condition of the body.


Treated just folk or home remedies for unacceptable without the help of a professional disease can quickly lead to complications, even amputation of the lower limbs.

Conservative methods

Mode phase, the varicose veins are allowed to treat a pathology, a successfully disbursed by the eu structural a local media — jellies, creams, ointments. Ezek designed for the home treatment of the disease. Medications applied to the affected region the veins of the lower extremities twice a day. Drugs are divided into independent sub-groups:

  • An anticoagulant helps get rid of stagnation of a veins, there is an effect of solving.
  • Natural composition — the tools include horse chestnut, miracle berries, sweet clover medicinal. A help to get rid of the pain, the fatigue, the lower extremities are pregnant or if you are, strengthens the walls of blood vessels.
  • The non-steroidal anti-inflammatory; this makes it possible to get rid of shaped thrombosis, thrombophlebitis as well as a men and women's brain.
  • The hormonal composition of the media is anti-histamine, anti-inflammatory spectrum of action.

A comprehensive varicose veins treatment to the lower limbs possible medical therapy. Fixed assets — injection solutions, tablets, capsules. The result is to treat the disease in men, women, a mind to, you can use:

  • Phlebotonics during treatment strengthen blood circulation, toning the walls of the veins in the lower extremities.
  • Krovanistaya devices — allows you to get rid of the formed blood clots, reduce blood viscosity, improve the movement of body fluids through the veins. Treated in accordance with That, it's just a medicine.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs — help get rid of the pain, reduce the swelling of tissues, Compressionreduces the platelet aggregation. Healing continued under the control of the medical staff.

Men are less prone to varicose veins in the lower extremities than the women. A phenomenon associated with hormonal changes of the female organism in the period of a child, during menopause.

Convenience method to cure the disease is considered to be wearing compression underwear.

Stockings, socks stockings help, or to get rid of the swelling, the pain, the fatigue of the lower limbs at home. Pressure special sheets, affects the damaged blood vessels, which is a necessary when a disease the consequence. Manufacturers produce different models that can be used in a treatment, varicose veins, mind, the women, the mind of the men.

Modern methods bezoperatsionnye

The methods and means of influencing varicose veins over time become easier, and in most cases, or ambulatory, at home. If necessary, the operation, the hospital will take several days, which does not interfere with the patient to quickly return to the usual lifestyle.


The manipulation of a vein a special drug — sclerosant, which glues, to a be. After a while, a problem disappears, Vienna, the again healthy flow of blood in the veins.

Treatments use One of four injections medications. Number of seats Is determined by the degree of proliferation of the veins of the lower extremities. After a manipulation, a feet you wear compression underwear. The patients walk the next five hours. A eliminate probability of a function to blood clots in deep veins. The compression required for a next art calendar.

Treatment of the pathology means that a get rid of varicose to stabilize the circulation, the blood one, not the pain, cramps, and a rapid onset of fatigue. Spots have arisen in the therapy, over time, spontaneously disappear.

A method to ensure the long-term therapeutic effect. If successful life of a therapy are the results. Approximately the patients, 25% of varicose veins cannot be completely cured. Sclerotherapy suppress one main symptomatic sign of a disease, but not cure the problem completely.

Treatment method use is prohibited in the following proportions:

  • a high sensitivity to a sclerosant;
  • the time of treatment, anti-inflammatory, hormonal means;
  • the obesity of different degrees;
  • purulent-inflammatory diseases of the dermis or the tissue inflammation of the lower limbs;
  • the pregnancy, and thrombophlebitis.
The introduction of sclerosant during sclerotherapy

The positive side to sclerosant treated without surgery, provided it can be:

  • there's no need for hospitalization, the persistence, the normal residence of the patient's lifestyle;
  • to obtain therapeutic results immediately after surgery, without the scarring;
  • the treatment with minimal discomfort;
  • opportunity to get rid of the varicose veins.

A negative aspect of the treatment is characterized by an impossibility of obtaining life — long results-the maximum effect on the men, women the head is achieved through the original to eliminate the source of a disease. A problem provokes a lasting wear compression, underwear, remove just the hygiene procedures.

Radio-frequency coagulation (ablation) of varicose veins (rch are RFA).

A method is a clotting in a varicose veins are radio frequency waves practiced in the country in the recent past. A therapy used for large veins through a puncture in a skin, introduced a special catheter, saarepeedi them from the inside. The result of monitoring via sensors located in a cargo handling equipment.

A therapeutic advantage of the presented method:

  • a minimum of unpleasant feelings;
  • a short term, the operation;
  • short rehabilitation period;
  • a lack of scars;
  • probably the low rate of recurrence of the disease — no more than 10%.

A disadvantage is that the RFA are as follows: burns of the skin, thrombosis, blisters, and in the event of inguinal reflux.

In the postoperative period own requirements:

  • Compression stockings used in the first forty minutes after the surgery. The whole time the patient went to a prevent blood clots. Additional special underwear is worn for two weeks, a mandatory walk an hour a day.
  • The patients not recommended for lifting heavy objects, playing sports, riding a bike, workout in the gym to spend a long time in a vertical position. Under a ban autumn visit to sauna, steam room, saunas, any influence of the high temperature is a problem in the lower extremities.
  • A few days after the surgery, the scanning of the veins ultrasound— to confirm the obtained results.

Laser treatment

The effect of a beam of the varicose seals a problem vein. A method does not require surgical incisions: through a puncture in Vienna introduced a special fiber. Later spasm of a ship is overlapping a problem area, Vienna is excluded from the circulatory system gradually replaced by the connective tissue.

A level influenced by EVL higher than the therapy sclerosant, which allows to obtain a final result equal to a vein surgery removal.

The healing process is recognized as a minimal invasive, safe option to get rid of the varicose veins of the lower limbs.

An operation tart for approximately one hour, a healing time of approximately four hours. The use of a local anesthetic allows this method to patients for which other options, that is prohibited. After the surgery, the patient leaves the clinic, alone, ready to again be a work place.

On the positive side a therapeutic one the following:

  • no incisions — the result of the influence an excellent cosmetic;
  • a minimum time of operation — a complex embodiments, the manipulation is no longer tart, just like a clock;
  • accelerated post-operative period, the operation requires no hospital work does not suffer;
  • a method performed under control of ultrasonic more, which will improve the quality of care, reduces the likelihood of post-operative complications;
  • Laser treatment
  • a after surgery, no trauma.

A disadvantage is that the method is the following:

  • the price of a surgery;
  • large diameter, damaged blood vessels require surgical incisions;
  • finally you can get big veins to recover, returning to the general circulation.

Surgical treatment

Varicose deep veins require radical surgery — phlebectomy. Deletion is carried out in the absence of skin purulent lesions, or wound surfaces. The surgery lasts approximately two hours. After the skin is left with a small scar, up to five millimeters.

Method Is recommended for the following indications:

  • the trophic skin lesions of the lower limbs;
  • abnormal dilatation;
  • extensive varicose lesions;
  • if you have problems with free of the the flow of blood in the vessels.

To cure the anomaly, a radical method is not sick a lot, but the remaining scars, prolonged postoperative time, considers that the operation to the last preference list.

The treatment at home

The traditional methods of home in the direction of varicose veins of the lower limb include the cost of the local, no problem, for internal use. The treatment at home:

  • Flowers horse chestnut — 50 grams of vegetable raw material is poured half a liter of alcohol, insist in a two weeks. Every day you have to vigorously shake in a container. After 14 days, the infusion filtered off, drink a tablespoon three times a day before eating. A disease treatment That could be a week, and then a little 14 break for a bit. After a rest, to re-cure the disease.
  • Dried nettles — crushed was replaced by raw materials which are the leaves, beer, half a liter thermos of freshly boiled water. Half an hour to Stand, filter it down, then, and then a third Cup three times a day, one hour after meals.
  • Green tomatoes , chopped fruit laid on the dressing and put the varicose areas, upper in addition to a fixed medical bandage. Keep the compress on the lower limbs don't more than two hours, then change the update. The day allowed the use of a three manipulations. A method allows you that every day is a treatment, without a break, to relax.
  • Given — immature fruit, crushed, in a glass jar, pour olive oil. A drug insists that a day is forty days. The Finished tincture put a problem areas of the lower limbs. A duration of treatment depends on the speed of getting rid of a main clinical symptoms of the disease.


Traditional way to help cure lower limbs getting rid of the varicose veins only, when the first symptoms of the disease.

Before after treatment

Before after one treatment


Therapy homemade, folk, medication, or operations to us allows you to cure the disease, to the bottom improve the status of limbs, relieve pain, quickly comes the fatigue, the seizures, and the problems of free movement on foot.

Ugly swollen blue veins disappear leg. This allows you to wear, just don't lock things. A surgery, people's medical methods, the patient is relieved, a full out a comes a problem that at the end of a second week.


To speed the healing, compression stocking use, which choose the doctor, not perezagruzite feet, and then we fill them with the light load in the form of evening walks.

The home remedies the affected limb to treat the men, women, and a mind regardless of age. Experts recommend that for the first appearance of the vascular network to seek professional help in time, caught the disease eliminates the need for radical surgery.

To cure varicose just the traditional methods of the home may have to be inserted into a comprehensive treatment can be combined with the means that the official medicine. Don't be afraid or minimally invasive radical surgeries — you don't mind, state of health improve, prevent complications developing.

Most of the information on the treatment options, the success rate, and a duration of postoperative period, gives a district phlebologist. Doctor The data on the basis of the studies a reaction, your body therapy. Missed treatment, don't help to cure the problem is that the people of the local resources, or minimally invasive operations. Disease, severe, of course, the men, women head a includes the removal of the affected varicose veins.